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Good service, fast delivery

I was initially unhappy with the options available to me when making my first Very purchase.

Having been recommended by my sister, I was very happy with the Collect+ service and eager to use this on my first purchase. However, for "security reasons", my first order could only be sent to my registered address (I could not even change this to my work address, to make my life easier).

What really annoyed me about this was that I could not choose a free option and therefore had no choice but to pay £4 for delivery.

Again, the reason I resent this is for the fact that this is not even for Next Day Delivery. Nonetheless, my package arrived on the second day of waiting and in good condition. Once it was dispatched, I was able to trace it's every move to my door and this was great.

If I had been able to use the delivery options that I wanted/received the reward of Next Day Delivery for paying £4, this would be a five star review.


Poor service regarding Home Delivery

I've shopped alot at Argos for many years, my mother used to say that I kept them in business. However, this has always been in the actual store.

My sister has made her first order with their Home Delivery service, which is still ongoing as they keep delaying her delivery. She ordered two items with them, both listed as in stock. A week later (and three days before the scheduled delivery), they called and said they were having problems with the suppliers (i.e. one, or both, of the items were not actually in stock). She, unhappily, rescheduled the delivery for ten days later.

This time, they call ON THE MORNING of the delivery and say that the item(s) are still unavailable, and that it is a short notice cancellation because it only just showed up on the systems. To say the least, seems like Argos need to update their systems and reconsider their suppliers.

This may seem like a minor inconvenience to some, but my sister has just moved into a new home and needs these items. One is a fridge freezer, and due to Argos' utter incompetence, she is losing a significant amount of money EVERY DAY because she is having to waste food as she has nowhere to store it. So that's how Argos is effecting her financially. The other is a set of bunk beds for her two children, who have to remain sleeping on the floor until Argos decide that they can finally fulfil their end of the deal.

Regardless of her personal situation, fact is fact. Claiming that you have an item in stock and available for purchase is selling under misinformation. Furthermore, agreeing to dates and being unable to meet these agreements abuses the contract to which the consumer agreed in purchasing these good.

They have offered to refund the £8.95 delivery cost, which doesn't come CLOSE to the amount that she has had to pay because of their incompetence , never mind the inconveniences and sufferings of her and her two children.

She was actually warned by friends beforehand not to use this service as they had experience problems, but thought that based on our in-store experience, Argos was a trustworthy company. I have since heard from other friends that they have had similar grievances.

This service is appalling and will cause you inconvenience, take up your time, and, depending on the particular situation, might actually cost you financially. Don't risk it.

I wanted to give this company no stars, but it turns out I can't submit this without giving it one.

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