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I applied for a new account with NatWest as I was having bad service with Barclays..... But my service with NatWest was ridiculous...... I went to one of the local branches in Tenby, they said we dont open accounts here. So I was in Milford Haven one day and went in there.... I was told to come back at 3:30 so I did... They where very punctual and helpful. They opened me an advantage gold account, with Visa Debit..cheque book.... They also said I could have a £7,000! Overdraft limit, I declined and said £250 would do. I got my card, pin and cheque book through and went to pay my mortgage with my card as I hadn't been able to set up a new Direct Debit in time..... They said my card had been declined and to contact my bank. I went to Cardigan branch my closest who said my account had been closed.... I asked why, no explination.... So i asked where my money was, he said im not sure..... I then had to go to Halifax and withdraw my savings to pay my mortgage...... Me, my partner, brother, sisters and nan have now all moved to Halifax and its going well. They offered me a sensable overdraft and never had any problems


Ok banking but prefered Abbey and A+L

Opened an account with A&L when I was 11. Crappy accounts for kids but I managed... When I was 13 I opened an account with Abbey which gave me an ATM Card, use to put all my money in that account and A&L become useless just had a couple of hundred I'd saved up in it........ When I was 16 I got a Visa Electron debit card and that was better, they also send me a cheque book on my request........ 2 months later had to report my card lost and they sent me a Visa Debit card(Electronic only) I wrote a cheque for £112 and was returned unpaid they charged me £25 there after my cheque book was stolen. When I reported it they said there where cheque transactions on my account.... I'm 18 now and because I refuse to pay the charges when I didn't write the cheques there ruining my credit......... I cant even get a basic account

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