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Okay if you like LOTS of dented cans

I always expect a dented can or 2 depending on how many I buy,..BUT; out of 96 cans OVER half were dented & many of them bad enough that I had a really hard time opening them: HOWEVER, they were not "bloated", and so far I haven't come across any compromised seals, & the packaging (padding) was acceptable, & the plastic OVER the bags was in good shape... So, for those reasons, the shipment gets 3 instead of 1.


ATROCIOUS "Customer Service"!!!!!!!!!!

I had been ordering from Petco FOR SOME TIME. The delveries CONSISTENTLY took 2 to 3 weeks to receive. I CONSISTENTLY (though not always) placed the SAME order; AND I was set up for "repeat delivery", and had gotten the "repeat delivery price" SEVERAL times. HOWEVER: this last time, the price wouldn't ring up right, and kept charging me the $10.99 instead of the $10.44 for "repeat delivery". I received NO satisfaction from SO-CALLED "customer serrvice" (HA HA HA)! I was even told by ONE CSR that I did not have an account! So, OBVIOUSLY the site was messed up. SOOOO, instead of just giving me a COUPON or something for the $2.75 (.55/box x 5 boxes) difference in the prices; they let me go to ANOTHER pet food delivery company! How STUPID! HOWEVER: I must THANK Petco, for their ATROCIOUS "customer service", because, I went to ANOTHER pet food delivery company, and got the SAME order for $15.00 less ($3.00/box x 5 boxes)!!!!! Petco needs to learn how to be NICE to their customers!!!!!!!!!

VERY timely delivery!

The ONLY reason I did not give FIVE stars: the TAPING job of the box was bad, which caused the box to be SLIGHTLY damaged and PARTIALLY open when I received it. Otherwise, GREAT experience! The cans were not damaged by the bad TAPING job...probably because there was ample "packing paper" inside. VERY timely delivery!!! TWICE as fast as my LAST pet food delivery company!!!

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