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Awful, shocking - read this carefully

Bad customer service. Awful site if you want to order drinks for a party. The greens stars are all for those who I think ordering in advance.

I ordered over £1,000 of drinks. All because one of our senior execs wants drinks brands that are unusual for a sudden drinks party. We needed it to arrive for Monday 10 December for our corporate Xmas drinks, at a private residence, in London (not Timbuctoo) - so arranged with 4 days notice. The site were told that the drinks were needed by 6pm, Monday 10 December 2012. Via email.

As soon as the drinks order is placed, my experience is Thedrinkshop do not care and you are on your own (unless you chase them). I ended up fretting about my order. Nobody understood that our corporate drinks success lay 100% on getting the order with Thedrinkshop in on time. Not one person took the task of keep an eye. With those margins

We have no idea if the drinks will arrive as City Link take ALL day to deliver right up until 5pm. Nor is there any tracking info given and you are left to pester the staff.

Bad points
After 5pm the site shuts its phone lines. You're screwed if you do not get your order.
No info given re the delivery company on the order or invoice.
the drinks are not on ice
they do not sell ice
they do not give you enough time to ice the drinks (given their delivery partner Citilink has a contract with a huge leeway to deliver up until 5.30pm) - so it means someone has to wait in all day.

After spending all day fretting about my delivery, I called the site up asking for help saying can they please, please track the order.
I had to ask for this tracking information. Some lady had to get me the number and the MMU code.

When I asked what do I do if drinks are not there by 5.30pm, being told as follows from seriously feisty and assertive staff - two ladies (whose names I have)

'we are not here to organise your party' - rude
'we we do all have to go home after 5pm.' - uncaring
'we are doing what we can, but clearly that is not enough' - argumentative
'well it's not 5pm yet, is it?' - clearly they don't understand their customers
When I told them I am member of Trustpilot and might end up leaving a bad review - ' Well so are we, I don't understand what you mean?'
'we have thousands of customers to look after'
'Citilink is the delivery company, it's a separate company, nothing to do with us' - (the line always used when companies take money, yet as soon as their 3 party partners fail, they claim separation. Failed to understand that the customer experience is one and the same be it company X, Y, Z who deliver...).

I had to hound and insist they help and take care of me, given that my event was at stake here with guests arriving at 6pm. In the end they saw light and managed to help me as they heard my distress.

One of the staff finally agreed to call their Citilink account manager to try and get more information. She sounded very irritated as if I was a demanding customer.

I wonder if founders of this site and best mates Tim Francis, Managing Director and Matthew Blackstone, Technical Director know? Thanks to sites like this,
I hope they do now.

The drinks party starts in under 1.5 hours...

11 December 2012

Reply from TheDrinkShop.com Ltd

Your goods were delivered on time at 5.35pm and we understand you regret leaving this review. Perhaps you would consider removing it please?
As reviews on this site and others show, we care passionately about our customers and their deliveries being made on time, and you were no exception.
Krista and Racheal in customer services escalated your concerns with management from City Link and left you two answerphone messages explaining the van would shortly be in your area and delivering within the hour. In that time this review was posted.
The girls are highly experienced and motivated individuals and, as we all share an open office (myself as MD included, Tim Francis), we were all aware of the pressured calls and your needs, which we duly satisfied, and I am not aware of the negative comments you report. That type of comment would never be tolerated by myself or anyone else in my organisation.
I am available to discuss this further on 01843 570 571.


Customer Service

I love online brands and kooky companies that make it easy for start ups (with little know how), to order all our printing needs so every piece of human advice and help is really welcomed by me.

Every time I see an online company who just dishes out an email help service only - it's a turn off. Printed.com is different.

They give humans, (talented helpful humans who know about designs so you can call and ask questions about your artwork) for us clients to talk to, on a freephone number!! I got stuck, called up and rather than left on hold, their agent made sure I got through to the right designer and I was quickly helped and dealt with efficiently by this lovely patient designer (two in one go!!). I fell in love there and then. Of course I'll keep going back now.

Plus I think Printed.com are cheaper than moo.com and quality of products is just as excellent. So well done and keep it up Printed.com - you helped my ickle start up: www.lovedesh.com.

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