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Bloated process and not cost effective.

I ordered 10 sets of clips for a Bisley cabinet. This arrived in two a5 pouches 5 in each (95% of the pouch was empty). There were two stickers for each set attached to the outside of the pouches and a despatch summary (Total 22 stickers). That must have cost quite a bit.

These should have arrived in 1 much smaller and cheaper envelope with 1 sticker at the most

I was phoned by a call centre? to check they could deliver. They coudl have emailed. The person mumbled so I couldnt even work out the phone number.

I was phoned up after delivery to check it had arrived as you were aparantly unable to track furniture. That was a bit embarrasing from an ecommerce company.

You delivered on a massive lorry and the driver came to the door without the package to check we were in and that he could deliver the large item and then was suprised when he found out what it was. He should have had a drivers despatch note. You shoudl have used a cost effective courier.

31 July 2012

Reply from Paperstone

Hi Chris,

thank you for your frank and honest review.

Bisley filing clips are a bit of an abnominally within our system which has led to your poor experience. They are classed as furniture on our system despite being so small - this is because 97% of orders for them include other Bisley items so they very rarely get dispatched on their own.

We use Yodel for delivering furniture to home addresses which usually works out well because as you know they call the customers prior to delivery (of course this is of little use if the message is mumbled - which I will bring up with our Yodel account manager) which ensures a very high delivery success rate. We use FedEx for all of our smaller office supplies deliveries and have full tracking solutions in place however Yodel are yet to implement a solution hence the phone call from us. This is currently being remedied by Yodel and should be in place within 8 weeks.

All in all, your comments are completly fair and Paperstone need to improve the quality and visibility of some furniture deliveries (particularly the smaller items). If you would like to discuss this further please feel free to call me on 020 7462 7793. Kind regards Jim Brown - sales director.

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