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Is not worth it

I ordered from their webshop multiple times. Fortunately always on sale. The items are more or less worth the SALE price, not more. (I'm talking about MINIMUM 50% off). Clothes are polyesther nightmare. All shoes are fake leather for 80-100Ł full price. Joke. However most of them looks good. They are just not good quality. My last order just didn't arrive. Nowhere to be seen. Customer support never replies. Their website has lots of bugs, cannot handle the massive influx of customers, they have out of stock items on for weeks before removing them, some items are displayed as out of stock, then 5 minutes later they're in stock again, then out, then in and so on. For this reason paying is difficult, often errors encounter.
I visit their facebook pages daily, many others complaining about non-responsieve customer support. I don't reccomend the online shop. I accepted all above untill I got what I have payed for. Since last time I didn't get it, and Lipsy just doesn't give a rap on it, I do not recommend them.
Just visit the local shop instead and only at the sale.

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