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- Just a warning as I've fallen foul of handepay (Merchant Rentals) contract! I signed a 36 month contract - no probs there as I knew that was the term - this expired in September 2013. Anyway, I am currently looking to retire and thought I’d save a few pennies for my ailing business and changed to a cheaper rate provider I decided it was time to hand it back. Duly sent in written request to cancel contract only to receive a very curt phone call advising me that the contract had defaulted as they hadn't received my letter because I had addressed it to Handipay and not Merchant rentals( take note they are in the same building) and I need to write another letter to give them 12 months notice! before the expiry of the 36 months that I wanted to cancel!!! Firstly, I didn't know at 24 months that I'd not want it to continue so I wouldn't have given notice at that point. Secondly whilst it is in the contract (I now see!) the contract was taken away by the salesman and only returned to me 3 weeks later by which time I just popped it in with all the other stuff they'd sent and thirdly whilst the salesman was very specific about the 36 month term, there was absolutely no mention of this ridiculous "on the dot, 12 months in advance" notice period.
The upshot is they want £439.06 from me and return the machine thing to them(which I have)I don't have the money to pay them as business is defiantly not booming.They won't budge on the contract and have sent numerous demand letter and now red warning letter. So please remember if you go with them to make sure you cancel the contract after 24 months then at the end of the 36 months you can find yourself a new provider! and remember to address your letter to Merchant Rentals not Hand pay as I did! I had to click a star to let me post else I would not have given any stars. :'(

24 February 2014

Reply from Handepay

We are sorry to hear that you have experienced problems with Handepay. All the terms and conditions of our contracts are made explicitly clear to new customers before they sign up and are standard across the industry. We take customer service very seriously and would like to find out exactly what the situation is so that we can look into the details of your case. Please contact emily.briers@handepay.co.uk so that we can look into this for you.


absolutely fabulous

My web was designed within days of signing up with bonline. Very helpful technician went through the processes of how to change the site. It is so easy to use very pleased and I cant leave it alone unlimted changes are awesome thanks

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