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I must get rid of the shark-infested moat...

When I heard that my passport was being sent with DX, my heart sank. They've got a reputation for unprofessionalism, incompetence and rudeness, and so far they're living up to it splendidly. I was working from home all day on Monday, and we have a nice big doorbell on the door. What could go wrong? Somehow, they managed to slither a 'we tried to deliver your thing, but alas and alack, we could not raise you to the door, no matter how we whispered at the lock and pressed our faces to the glass' card through the letterbox. DOORBELL, people. It's not just for Christmas.

I rearranged delivery for Wednesday, and once again, nothing arrived. This time, I had notification on my phone that someone had tried to call, but the reception here is poor, so I sent a text asking the caller who they were. No answer - the delivery driver was probably trying to work out how to make der talkybox make der wordy picture fing. Annoyed, as you might imagine, I sent a text saying 'if this is DX, why don't you ring the doorbell?'. And about two hours later got a text back saying 'try answerin ur phone could not find ur house'. Which is odd, because DX managed to find it on Monday.

I live across the road from a terraced row, and, admittedly, the PO have probably dropped a clanger by making us number X of that terrace, although we're a detached house. But seriously, how difficult would it have been for the driver to try looking around and maybe walking across the seven foot expanse of tarmac and seeing if one of the two houses there could have that missing number?

And, DX, your delivery person's manners could do with a brush-up. A simple answerphone message saying 'hi - I can't find your house, so please get in touch' would have saved so much trouble. Or a text. They know how to text, when they want to be snotty. Just not when they want to deliver things. Ah, well. I'm not going away until next year. Have fun wasting your petrol, clowns.


Faultless service!

Having obtained six other quotes, all but one of which were considerably higher (and the one that was lower by £1 wasn't offering anything near as much for the price!) I spoke to Natalie at USB2U and was delighted with the swift, efficient way my queries were handled. Every step of the process, from submitting designs & data to delivery, was made easy. I received proofs of the sticks, and even screenshots of my loaded data, from file to document level, and was able to hand them out with absolute confidence that they would be just what I requested. A perfect service I will be promoting to colleagues and using in future. My only regret is that I had to hand out all the memory sticks and couldn't keep one as a memento of the event!

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