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A big piece of RUBBISH!

Please read my letter I sent to 3 couple days ago...

"Dear Three,

I have been your customer for more than two years and I always payed my bills correctly.My monthly payment was £45 for the last 24 months,however I payed about £2000 during this two years period because I was using your services abroad,made calls to abroad.I was totally satisfied with your services that's why I decided to stay with you for another two years and renew my contract with an upgrade.It was the biggest mistake in my life...

I usually never check my details of my bill but I did once recently and I noticed some very strange stuff.The bill shows that I have been charged for RECEIVING messages in the last few months!This is correct I was receiving these messages and I thought they are some spam messages from some porn site and I replied sending the word "STOP" but nothing happened.I have to tell you I NEVER registered on any porn site and NEVER watch porn and this kind of stuff on my phone.So I decided to call your call centre on 333 and find out what those messages are.I spoke to few people there and they said they can see the number who keeps sending me these messages and they can stop and block this number.I was quite happy with this and I thought the problem is solved.But it was not solved at all.After few days I received the same messages from the same number (69036) and I got charged for them again.I replied "STOP" again.Same thing:nothing changed.I called the customer service again and again and again...They kept saying the same thing every time I spoke to them and I get fed up!You have to know that I am a very calm and friendly person and I get fed up probably once a year.I have to say your call centre service is more than ridiculous!After this torture I decided to changing my phone number.I thought if my number gets changed they wont be able to send me those bloody messages any more.I called 333 again and was asking for changing my number.First time I called they said I need to pay £10 fee for it...and here I lost my patience again.How dare you charging one of your best customer who payed about £2000 for your services during the last 2 years????This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my life!I told to the guy I'm not going to pay the fee and if I really need to just cancel my contract right away.He spoke to his supervisor and came back to me saying I don't have to pay the fee but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.How ridiculous is that??The supervisor must be a real gentleman!After that I agreed to changing my number for free the guy asked me to staying the line...he came back after 10 minutes saying they got some technical issues at the moment try to call them back tomorrow.This call took about 25 minutes and we ended up nowhere!As the guy suggested I called them back next day,Same thing happened...arguing about the fee,waiting for supervisor,listening to melancholic music while I was waiting for the guy again and after 25 minutes the same thing:SORRY,WE HAVE TECHNICAL ISSUES,CALL ME BACK TOMORROW!I call them back three more times but the same happened every time I spoke to them.I gave up.I printed out all my bills as an evidence of mischarging me .I go to visit an ombudsman and probably go to the court after.I am deeply disappointed and disgusted in your company.

One more thing:I was trying to buy an iPad from you and sign up for an other contract for two years but I have been declined on a credit check only because I recently moved and changed my job not because I got no money.This is a very sad thing making a credit check on a good customer like me.Check my bill history...that should be good proof enough to get an other contract with an iPad.I was going to pay the £99 upfront fee and £29 for 24 months.Now you are about to lose a satisfied customer because of these things above.The poorest customer service ever.What a shame!

I will pay my outstanding balance witch is £96.23 and after that I wont pay a penny for the following 23 months.I would happily pay off my iPhone handset's outstanding balance.Please send me a new payment plan and cancel my contract or send me a new solution or offer.


Gyorgy Szanto (an ex-satisfied and deeply disappointed customer)

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