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Very satisfactory service!

Nice on-site experience, quick payment and extremely quick delivery all the way to your doors. I live on the 3rd floor, so it was extremely important for me to get my purchase (double doors) to be delivered all the way to my apartment. The delivery service was really nice to take it into the apartment and placing on my balcony as asked.
Didn't have a chance to go all the way to Kastrup to inspect the interested item. It was important for me that the size of the doors I intended to buy matched the size of my frame. Hence, I've contacted their customer service and kindly asked to double check the sizes. Have been instructed to trust the pictures, which are actually of high quality!

All in all, my purchase was exactly as I expected it, the delivery was over the top. Would recommend to a friend.

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World's competent sailing guru!

Discovered the fascination of yacht sailing accompanied with competent Sunsail. Together with my friends who joined Sunsail flotilla along the Dalmatian coast in Croatia were very pleased with the level of service provided. To give you an idea, during a 5-day course we were accompanied by a super-duper skilled and cheered skipper who stocked the crew on food, briefed us safety rules, challenged and rewarded, shared personal experience.
The yacht was comfy and of a high quality, properly cleaned and welcomed us with complimentary groceries upon arrival.
There was a possibility to buy sailing specialized literature with a discount upon the course completion.
Will definitely chose them next time for upgrading my sailing certificate!


Smooth and efficient operation!

Simply love recent service upgrade by DHL: now you can track your package journey and change the delivery address last minute. That's what I call customer-oriented service and consumer experience worth five stars!


ASOS is always a fresh idea!

Whenever I need a trendy look with less effort and in short time, ASOS is my solution. Their web shop is mesmerizing. It offers a great selection of clothing in a wide range of pricing. The delivery from UK is quick. What makes them unique is their catwalk, personal stylist service and items match-making to complete the look.
Only once the pre-Christmas delivery failed followed up with a full refund and a complimentary voucher. Will come again!

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Excellent quality, reasonable prices and responsive staff!

I've shopped on their web a couple of times, every time being a success. Online size chart is exact, customer support is very responsive and willing to guide you through the process if needed, packaging is pretty.


Good value for money

Recently I've been looking for a piece of furniture and doing a market research. At that point of time Jysk came along with a very attractive offer as a part of their birthday celebration campaign.
Visiting a local Jysk shop in Valby I was pleasantly surprised with the customer service offered. A consultant not only answered my questions but proactively suggested several options that would match my body shape (not the most expensive ones though).
Jysk offers a free delivery of goods once you make a purchase over a certain amount of krones. Bear in mind, they are partnering with a third party delivery company that brings your purchase all the way up to your house (flat) door. It is your responsibility to take stuff inside (Jysk covers the insurance only up to your door).
Goods were delivered on the agreed day. There is an option of 100-day reconsider (you can return the purchase in case you are not satisfied with a purchase).


My absolute fav!

Love them for the extensive product range, very quick and free (!) delivery within two days, some little extras for a customer like seasonal CDs with X-mas songs, wine vouchers etc. They make me feel totally pampered!

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The real McCoy for an exclusive hairstyle!

One can find some real hidden gems In the heart of Copenhagen. If you've been lucky enough like me to get an appointment through tomskou.dk, you know that you belong to the exclusive club of creativity, professionalism and innovation. The wizard uses the finest hair products produced in Italian Parma. Believe me, you would not want to miss such an experience! Check out Tom Skou Salon & Academy master-classes on youtube for the fullest impression.

Sultannafrantsuzova Shop

Жемчужина в мире модных интернет-бутиков

Впервые я прочитала о Султанне и ее магазине на Снобе. Заинтересованная описанной историей, в интернете я отыскала прехорошенький магазинчик г-жи Французовой. Приятно порадовала простота навигации, заявленные услуги для покупателей и образы для девочек. Сразу же захотелось порадовать себя обновкой от кутюрье.
На сайте заявлена доставка и оплата из России. Как выяснилось в процессе переписки с менеджером, магазин без проблем может принять оплату из-за рубежа и доставить покупки по указанному адресу в любую точку мира.
Магазин и предлагаемая одежда сделаны с любовью - об этом говорит даже фирменная упаковка.
Удачи Вам!


Great choice, listening to the voice of their market

The second try went really smooth. Got exactly what I was searching for, the item was delivered in two days. Quick & smooth! Love when companies are listening to the voice of their market! Well done!!!
I've been happy to discover the extensive variety of phone accessories, in particular iPhone cases and covers. Once I've discovered a gem for myself, the web let me ordered it and promised a prompt delivery. Happy days!
Unfortunately a month later after several notifications about the item being out of stock and unconfirmed delivery date I had to change the order and choose some other product.
Three months since my purchase the Customer Support has contacted me and told me that the payment didn't go through and asked to pay again. All fair, no double charge at the end. Yet my initial expectations of the service were not met.

All in all, the shop is great, the quality of the products is high. Their operational side could be slightly improved though.

01 April 2013

Reply from Mytrendyphone.dk

Thank you for your review.
We are sorry to hear about the inconvienience, but would like to stress that we highly appreciate the comments and suggestions given, since they would significantly contribute to the improvement of our service.
However, It is a great pleasure to hear that you are content with the quality of our products, and we hope that our service would also satisfy your expectations next time.
We are once again very sorry for the delay.
Best regards,
My Trendy Phone

3 (HI3G Danmark ApS)

3.dk skal være venlige og imødekommende over for loyale kunder

3.dk svarede på min anmendelse. Kunderservice kontaktede mig og tilbod en ekstraordinært løsningen at kreditere rykkergebyret. Jeg er meget taknemmeligt, så skifter jeg rangen fra 3 til 5-stjernerne.
Jeg har fået en betalingspåmidelse fra 3.dk uden jeg har modtaget den reele regning i min postkasse.
Har været en tilfreds kunde hos 3.dk i 6+ år og har aldrig glemt en betaling.
Jeg har kontaktet deres kundeservice i dag vedr. problemet og forventede at de var mere flexible og at vi kunne finde en løsning med hensyn til rykkegebyret.
Jeg ventede 15 min på at komme igennem til kundeservice og medarbejderen virkede irriteret og gav Postdanmark skylden. Derefter sendte han den samme betalingspåmindelse som sms.
Nu har jeg meldt mig til PBS i min nyeskiftede bank.
Fremover håber jeg at 3.dk er mere imødekommende og venlig over for loyale kunder :)

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15 February 2013

Reply from HI3G Danmark ApS

Hej Evgania

Tak for din anmeldelse.

Jeg er meget enig i det du skriver i din overskrift, og jeg håber derfor også, at det er dit generelle indtryk af os. Vi gør i hvert fald vores bedste for at yde en god og grundig service, og har et stort fokus på dette.

I forhold til det rykkergebyr du har fået, kan jeg se, at du har talt med vores Kundeservice, men jeg kan ikke se yderligere oplysninger om sagen i vores system. Hvis du fortsat har spørgsmål til den, eller hvis du ønsker, at vi sammen kigger nærmere på det, er du meget velkommen til at sende en mail til trustpilot@3.dk, og skrive "Evgenia Zorina" i emnefeltet. Du bedes venligst også skrive dit telefonnummer hos os i mailen.

De bedste hilsner


Kundetilfredshed betyder intet for dem!

Samme historie som den nedunder.
Den 4. december købte jeg to store puder på downtown.dk, hvor man blev lovet levering i løbet af to uger, det vil sige lige før jul i mit tilfælde. Først efter jul indså jeg, at pakkerne aldrig er blevet leveret til min adresse.
Efter to måneders korrespondence med deres kunderservice sendte jeg et officielt dokument, hvor jeg skrev, at hvis de ikke leverede puderne til en bestemt deadline, ville jeg bede om at få pengene tilbage.
Det ser ud til, at den taktik har virket. Jeg hentede nemlig endelig puderne på posthuset den 4. februar.
Alt i alt var det en meget skuffende oplevelse og sandsynligvis den værste service, jeg nogensinde har oplevet i Danmark!

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They've got +1 loyal customer - me!

Have recently bought my favorite item, it was delivered to me in a twinkling of my eye. User friendly navigation on the web helped me a lot making a purchase, fast & efficient service got me pleasantly surprised. Definitely they've got +1 loyal customer - me! Thank you!

Fullrate A/S

Customer-friendly, non-English speaking, sales oriented

Been caught by the sales rep. at the Valby st. on my way to work. He did his job pretty cool, within a min asked me what provider I'm currently using, shared the news that M1 just been awarded with a top category rank on Trustpilot, that is does not charge monthly fee. The offer sounded interesting, especially since I had the need to switch to someone cheaper than "3".
I wish the Co would be a bit more open-minded towards expats in DK. The sales guy did not want to speak English at any cost. I've got an idea that the company do not embrace the international students market at all. Another thing, I wish the guy explained me in more details that the transition process will take a longer while, it's been almost 2 months since then, still can't use the tlf. number.
On a positive side, I feel like being taken care by the M1, they are sending follow up mails, offering service help. That is a plus! With my previous provider I had to wait for 20 min on hold waiting for the Service Center to pick up.
Wish them good luck in growth and hope my phone will serve me at its best soon!

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