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It's time our politicians showed their teeth

Email I sent to Npower Friday Sept 30 2013
Dear Clive,
I write with reference to numerous phone calls regarding the correspondence dated 17th Sept and two further letters dated 22nd Sept 2013. Despite those many torturous calls trying to dodge past pleasant front line staff including a very angry young man called Michael (who for reasons beyond my understanding decided to lecture me on economics, including how to run a small business, ie. budgeting and how to stay on top of paperwork and suppliers invoicing. He seemed only to struggle when I asked him to explain the vagaries of dealing with NPower's unfathomable billing and larcenous renewal policy). I am of course eternally grateful to this young man for taking time out of his busy eight hour day to give me his advice. I can't help feeling he would benefit from working 14 hour days for seven days a week... Just for a few months, and then see if he still holds the same opinion of a utility supplier who takes up several hours of a day to simply ensure when renewing a contract one receives understandable, fair, reasonable rates.

Clive, despite spending a couple of very pleasant hours talking to you it is clear from your response you/NPower do not understand what my complaint is even about. I don't see one word addressing the reason my unit rate has gone from 9.79 to 21.16 and then your exceedingly generous 'offer' to roll it back to 15.18 (but only if I agreed to an extended two year contract). I assume as I refused your entirely pressure free offer it will go back to 21.16. I've looked carefully through all your sales and marketing literature. I've searched through each offer you make to new and existing customers I can not see any references to this outrageous, ludicrously higher rate. I promise you I've tried. I've even done a word search alphabetically... - 'G' for Gouge - 'R' for Rip off - 'F' for Fleece - 'L' Leech - I thought maybe you'd chosen something more olde worlde or exotic like: 'H' Highwayman. Perhaps 'S' for Sandbagger. Nope, nothing. But I promise to keep trying.

Well Clive, I'll give NPower one more chance to explain why this 200% increase happened (in the space of 16 months). I'll be delighted, if not just simply relived. I would hate to think your company would try to take advantage of a small village pub attempting to survive through a recession. Putting four or five rural jobs at risk, surely not? Or perhaps you can have a quiet word with Dawn Plant, Lee Harris, Bill Scholes, Karen Kelsey et al the senior management at NPower. They all appeared to be MIA. Despite my repeated attempts to contact them, not one has had the decency or courage to defend Npower.

I don't wish to seem picky Clive but just to add to my numerous problems with Npower I thought you may find this interesting. I have repeatedly asked (since last Feb) for monthly billing, only to be informed, by your staff, "the technology is not available in North Yorkshire." Although I hate crude accusations, this is a blatant untruth. Several people/customers in the village have smart meters installed. I understand several decades ago around 1969 some enterprising NASA scientists had a thing called the space program. They even managed to land a person on the moon. One of the off-shoots to this amazing venture were satellites. Now I realise you may not have caught up in Solihull but we do have such communication in Wrelton, North Yorks. Perhaps you can call Houston and tell them you have a problem... using their technology.

So Clive to surmise: From the tone of the first letter from Karen Kelsey dated 17th Sept 2013 threatening disconnection despite my not missing one payment... EVER. To the gouging, crippling increase in unit value. To the cowardly lack of response from your amusingly called management team. you are head and shoulders the worst supplier I have ever dealt with. Quite an accolade in this 'computer says no' world we seem to be living in.

Your Truly,
Andrew Smith
Landlord, Buck Inn

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Sold me a phone & plan with no reception in my area!!!

P4U sold me a phone and 2 year contract without checking if I had reception. Still not resolved! Thanks for the lousy service.

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