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Great company, great service

I have ordered twice now from Lewtress and each time their service has been excellent. No mess, no red tape, just good quality products and good quality service and despatch, every time. Would happily recommend them to anyone.


Basic chocolates, poor customer service

Some time ago I received an email inviting a first box trial from Cocoa Boutique at the price of 9.99 which seemed good value. When I went to their website to order I could not place it successfully and so rang them and completed and paid for the order over the phone. As requested when the chocolates were all finished I sent them in the post my views on each chocolate. Imagine my surprise when a month later I noticed a further sum of 19.99 had been taken from my account by Cocoa Boutique. Chocolates arrived in the post. I contacted them to say I had not ordered more and wanted a refund as the money they had taken from my account was not authorised by me. After several emails and telephone conversations they told me they would have a telephone record of the order but for some reason it never materialised!!! They then told me that on line I had signed up to repeat orders, which was totally incorrect as I could not order on their website as I have stated above. So they refused the refund and even though I took the time to write a letter to Dominic Farriley it met with a completely negative response. So I was stuck with chocolates I didnt want and had not ordered and 19.99 taken from my account!! I spoke to Trading Standards who had advised me to write to them. I wrote again and asked that they exercise their money back guarantee but I have finally received a letter to say that this is now out of date!!!
Really do beware of this company, they will not accept genuine customer complaints. Real chocolate lovers will realise that their offerings are really quite basic. Couple that with the poor responses and really bad customer service and why would anyone want to patronise them!

I note that Cocoa Boutique have responded and would say this:
The response from Cocoa Boutique is both unfair and untrue. I could not complete the order on line which is why I had to ring to do this. Why else would I have to place such a call? Neither is this about getting my own way, it really is about bringing to notice that things went wrong on this occasion and you took money out of my account without such authorisation and then failed to return it. There was an error with your website at the time of ordering and you really should be prepared to accept this!! The public need to be aware of how you deal with things as well.

A further note from me: I have seen the review from Sue Beer 4 days ago [today is 28th Dec 2012] that has some similarities to my own. Customers beware this company, there are much better places that care for their customers as Sue Beer says and also provide much better chocolates.

19 December 2012

Reply from

Hi Shirley,

Thank you for your review. With all due respect I think you might be confusing the facts?

Your order was placed online (your IP is tracked when an order is placed), although you did call us to confirm the order went through. There is no recording of your call to place an order, because it wasn't done on the phone.

This would mean that you went through the entire order process which informs you that Cocoa Boutique is a club. This is on every page of the website, on the checkout page and on the order page - right above the order button. You can only place an order once you have confirmed your acceptance of this.

You can read more about this here:

Why is there a 10 day dispatch deadline?

The 10 day dispatch period deadline for making changes to your membership is in place because we don’t mass produce chocolates, all our chocolate boxes are made fresh, contain handmade chocolates and are sourced from across UK and Europe.

They are also made exclusively for members, so if we allowed cancellations after this 10 day period the cost of the club would need to rise for all members because the chocolates wouldn't have a home and would go to waste.

For example, our Best Of The Best Selection contains chocolates air flown from Belgium, handmade chocolates from Claire Hicklin and every other chocolate is made fresh to order, with just a few months shelf life (no nasty ingredients).

Obviously you will be able to therefore see why this policy is in place and hopefully you will support this decision. We will extend this deadline in the future, if logistically it is possible.

We personally have no issues with customers complaining. With all our companies we keep an open forum and use Trust Pilot to facilitate this. We ensure that we handle every complaint and learn from this.

Although your review indicates "poor customer service" this isn't true, you only think it is before because you didn't get what you want.

I do thank you for your feedback and hope that you take learning points from our feedback - just like we have taken them from yours.



Home Health (UK) Ltd

Good efficient service, easy to use

When I recently placed an order with Home Health [UK] Ltd, I was more than satisfied with their service. There was a prompt reply mechanism to the order and I was advised of despatch of the article I ordered. It assived quickly, safely and well packaaged and I would certainly use them again.

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