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Cheap inferior quality food at a price that keeps people comming.

You know, food is subjective. Many people do not understand food, nor do they care. Many will look at the price and price alone. This company sells to those people. The actual quality of their food is poor. I always look at meat when judging the retailer. Is the meat of good quality? Here is a retailer that sells bad quality meat. The taste and texture is inferior to many other stores. But the price sometimes lower. Having just eating some of their 'no added water beef' I am wondering what i have just eaten. It was as wet as you like, no texture like any beef I have ever eaten. Why is it so soaked in liquid? I would rather buy some beef that I recognise and maybe pay a bit more. When you buy these inferior products you are saving a little in terms of cash but at what price to your health? Again, just bought grapes from them. These have to be the lowest quality grapes you can buy. They were cheaper than the normal retailer I use, but the quality is so much less. They will not last two days, they taste cheap and nasty. I used to be a Tesco shopper. I am no longer a customer. They can keep selling this muck to people who do not care, but you know what, I do.

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