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Where do I start! Release Travel seemed friendly, helpful and enthusiastic......until we paid our money. Then the problems started one after another after another. Very very long story but the whole experience from start until present day has been awful. Booked my hen weekend to London which I will remember for all the wrong reasons. Only provided us with 16 theatre tickets when we asked for 18 leading to us purchasing 2 more on our own. Wasn't that their job?? Days before we were due to leave we found out the group of 18 was then split into 2 separate hotels miles apart and on completely different tube lines despite MD promising us that we could "wave to each other out the window!!" This then put me in the awful position of splitting my hen group in two, not a nice experience as had to choose who stayed with me and who didn't. MD did not see my problem and couldn't understand why i was upset. Was told one lie after another. Denied access to the spa facilities, lost tickets at the theatre, split again into 3 separate groups at the theatre, meal booked at wrong time, the list goes on and on. Customer service was appaling and MD was patronising and completely unconcerned at our dissatisfaction. Found loads of other terrible reviews on this websites and others which have now magically disappeared.......which i know FOR A FACT is because they have been paid off. Sent an official letter of complaint to Release Travel that was never responded to to which we then sent solicitor letter that was also never responded to. I just don't want any other poor person to go through the stress and unpleasantness of dealing with these people. You should only get one hen/stag weekend and mine was ruined. Good job I have fantastic friends!!!

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