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PC Specialist Ltd

Very good service, no major complaints.

My few minor complaints. To understand, you need to know, my configuration was placed in a CM Storm Trooper case.
- The side fan was not electrically connected. It was only mechanically mounted to the side panel.
- The front hard drive cage fans fans were mounted sideways.
Although this is just optional, I think it would have made more sense to mount them facing forward so they can cool the entire interior. This is even more true considering that one of the hard drive cages was empty, thus directing the fan airflow against the opposite wall and practically wasting its performance.
- Two of my three GPU units were mounted in direct contact with each other.
This is my biggest complaint since in direct proximity those units will surely overheat.
I recognise the challenge of assembling 3 GPUs in one case, but a GPU riser cable is a very cheap solution, and even if it weren't a solution at all, I see no reason why I was not notified about the problem.
- The CM Storm Trooper is equipped with a 2.5" hard drive cage mounted to the mid bottom of the case. This is removable, and in my case it was removed to install one of my additional fans. The drive cage itself was not send to me. I do not miss it, but still. it is a principal issue. I can see no reason why the bottom fan was not mounted to the side leaving the cage in its place.


Meaning well, but bad purchase after all.

A bought a front panel for my Nokia E72.
The product was obvious poor make and bad attempt to copy the original design and materials. Some of the buttons were discoloured. The screen and the keypad appeared sunk in, the screen protector had blobs of air on each side and after peeling revealed slim and fragile material.
I regret the purchase. The panel ended up in the bin. I kept the original. Even if old and scratched it felt better than that brand new nokia-wanna-be.
I do not want to be the grumpy customer and after receiveing the disappointing product I took no action, but since "Londonmagicstore" insist on feedback - here it is. I hate to be negative, but you insisted on me shearing it.

03 August 2012

Reply from Londonmagicstore

Apologies, we are very sorry the item you received was of poor quality.

To ensure you are satisfied, I can offer you to send a replacement immediately. It will be absolutely free.
Also you have the option to choose a different item as a replacement of similar value to your purchase price if you wish to.

Please contact us at and we can arrange a a replacement.

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