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i like the updates i get for the specials

i like the updates they email about specials just wish they could get more in of certain items. what i have bought ive been happy with, and the foods well priced too, i like the fast moving checkouts total bonus for me :)


love the clothes bit too pricey :(

i do love the clothes ive bought jumpers, skirts and coats oh and boots, all lasted well and washed well (appart from boots lol) but the items are sooo pricey i usually wait for the sales


must admit great online shop

i love doing my shopping online, as i hate queues and pushing etc you get in supermarkets. The items are well priced, delivery drivers always happy and i once had a problem with bad veg sent in my shop and they refunded me no problem :) thanks asda


stuffs nice but beware if you have a child allergic to peanuts

i think their items need a warning that peanuts are used alot in some of their other products! and since theyve told me its all produced in a small open factory i can understand why my 5 year old was scratching at his swelling face in the bath. poor show lush

Lush Cosmetics

avoid if allergic to peanuts as they dont care to tell you

my 5 year olds allergic to peanuts, after checking the packaging we brought him some shower jelly from here. as soon as he used it he reacted Ive contacted them, i dont want anything from them just for them to put a warning in their shop or on the packaging that they use alot of peanuts in their other items but they arent interested unless they get other people complain of it?? its life threatening so i dont take this attitude very well im affraid


one of those websites where you think whats the point

The websites all fresh and funky, but unless you can actually order from it i really dont see the point.


easy site to use

the sites easy to navigate around, the click to reserve is really handy. Ive only ordered the smaller items from them nothing large like a fridge or sofa, and Ive been pleased with the service


up to date gadgets, good prices, quick delivery

the websites easy to use, has tonnes of present ideas, look out for there free delivery codes or money off codes they do regularly. products arrive well packaged and dont take long to arrive

Lidl Danmark

what you see is what you get

I like this no frills supermarket, prices arent bad, staff are good, just in,shop, leave no faffing about

fast delivery great prices

never been disapointed with play, my items arrive fast and the prices are cheaper most of the time as i shop around alot to get the best deal


really handy

i use ebay alot and over 6 years have only had one problem. i think its a ggreat idea and well laid out.


brilliant staff and store

the staff are great in my local store so friendly and always willing to help. ours is a small store but its crammed with everything you need


catalogue company or loan sharks!! i didnt even want to give them 1 star

update on my account, after the tonnes of interest i had, it got to the point it was getting ridiculous i couldnt pay it back £3100 in fact so i got a loan out at 20% which is loads better than very. i paid them in full yesterday, still snotty woman over the phone 'why couldnt you pay this before?' my reply simply 'didnt have the money'!! did she think i wanted to just bump up all there ridiculous charges or something?? anyway i said i wanted to close my account she tried 3 times to get me to buy something i said no you must be joking, so she said call back tommorrow to close. so today i call and im on hold ages, again get told i could buy something else, and this time i told her what a sham of a company it is now its very and sugested she googled the reviews....then got told i cant close my account til monday!! does anyone know if they can do this?

Mazuma Mobile

Easy to use, speedy payment, great communication

Have reccomended Mazuma to friends and family already. The website is really easy to use, everything you need to do to send the phones arrives really fast. They email you to let you know all was well and they also let you know when they post your cheque. cant fault this company, we will use them again.

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