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Ignore the good reviews.

What a joke. These people should not be operating as a business.
After placing an order for a mountain bike, it eventually turned up after I had been lied to several times. Customer service had told me that it would be built on a Monday, shipped on a Tuesday, and delivered on Wednesday. I called on Tuesday to confirm it had been built and shipped. When it didn't turn up on the Wednesday, I gave them a call to find out that it hasn't even been built.
After receiving the bike a week late, it had arrived damaged. It hadn't been built very well with too much travel on the brake levers and faulty forks. The set up wasn't great. The technician who built it must have been blind. Sent the bike back.
After customer services telling me several more lies just to get me off the phone, I decided to complain.
No satisfaction - just more lies about stock and delivery dates.
Anyway, a month later I still have no bike. I am now considering asking for a refund. They'll probably tell lies about my money as well.
The people who have given good reviews have got lucky in my opinion.

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What a joke this company is. The worst I've ever experienced. Don't understand why they havnt been shut down.
Some of their products that they're selling are actually second hand refurbs. I know this from experience. I bought a Samsung galaxy that had to be returned immediately with software issues. They then gave me a replacement which had obviously been used and had software issues. I demanded a new phone. They gave me another refurb with more software issues. I returned it again only to receive the first phone back again still with the same software problems. I returned again and received the second phone back for a second time still with the same problems.
When I realised that they had started re-sending me the same phones over and over again, I asked for a completely different brand of phone.
They gave me a second hand HTC. It was broke. They sent it off to their repair centre and it came back with software issues and damage to it.
They replaced it a further twice with more second hand handsets. I decided to visit the store one last time. I got a bollocking for being fussy. Unbelievable. By this time I was willing to accept a second hand phone if it worked correctly.
After 18 months trying to sort this , I gave up and spoke to my service provider (t-mobile) about this. They were kind enough to cancel my contract free of charge and gave me a new2 year contract with a free Samsung S3.
The moral of the story is - don't buy from a third party. Buy straight from a network instead.

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