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I went to the Bambinos shop in Huddersfield and orderd the Phil and Teds verve feb this year. I have a 2 year old and was expecting my baby in april so thought this pram was perfect, then the nightmere began! I orderd the pram on the thursday and was told it should be deliverd on monday the following week, monday came and went so I phoned them and was told they were really sorry but it was waiting for the currer to pick it up and it should be with me in a few days, a week later still no sighn so I phoned them again, this time I told they thought I was picking it up and they were sorry for the mix up and would try to get it deliverd as soon as poss, it turned up 3 weeks after I orderd it. Then the fun really started, I used the pram 2 maybe 3 times before my baby was born and then on the school run ( a 10 min walk) after I had my daughter. I thought the way my baby was layed in the pram was a bit strange as she was flat but at a constant angle, she slipped down in the cocoon a few times which I was not happy about and thought was very odd. Then after only 4 weeks use one of the back wheels exploded! It went with such a bang I let go of the pram and my daughters were both crying,I had to struggle the rest of the way to school to collect my son and then phone a friend to come and collect me and my 3 children because there was no way I was going to be able to get home. As soon as I got home i phoned Bambinos and told them what happend, they told me to take photos of the wheels and they would e-mail them to phil and teds, this ended up taking about a month because they didnt tell me that there computers are usless and cant acsept e-mails with more than one photo attached, so I sent the e-mail again and again and afer phoning them I think it was about 4 times they told me to send the photos one by one. In the 3 months that this has been going on ive had e-mails ignored and when they tell you there going to phone you back dont hold your breath as theyve said that to me twice and twice they havent botherd to ring me back. I e-mailed them about a month after they said they had the photos to ask what was going on and i got an e-mail back saying we e-mailed you weeks ago with the return number bring it back to the shop, i couldnt beleve the way they were talking to me so I phoned them and all they could say was that they had sent me an e-mail and it wasnt there fault if Ihadnt got it. The pram is now with Phil and Teds, its been there for 4 weeks and I still havent heard anything from Bambinos. I have asked again and again for a refund but all I get is phil and Teds warrenty doesnt allow for a refund just that they will fix it, I paid over £700 and for my money I got a nightmere pram that put my children at risk, a bag full of insults, alot of stress, ignored and NO support from Bambinos at all. If I had bought this pram from mothercare or mammas and pappas I wouldnt have had this problem I would have been provided with a pram wail mine was getting fixed, (I had to go and buy one), I could have picked a diffrent pram or even got a full refund. Once Bambinos have taken your money thats it, they dont care. We are going to get hold of a solictors, there must be something we can do. Please please do not buy anything from this place its not worth it!

03 August 2012

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Hi Joanne,

I'm very sorry to hear about the issues you've experienced throughout the past few months with your pushchair.

We take all reviews seriously and as soon as I saw your review I escalated it to the highest level to ensure this doesn't happen again. I understand we are in the process of resolving your issues and I hope the outcome will make up for what you have experienced so far.

Once again I apologise for all you have experienced and if you have any other concerns please don't hesitate to email me. My address is

Kind regards,

Laura Dyson
Customer Experience Manager, Bambino Direct

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