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Disgusting, unhelpful, money grabbing and sly.

Hands down the worst company I have dealt with yet.

After having issues setting up and receiving rooter over 24 months ago, I persistently had a corrupted broadband line and had no internet for days on end whilst trying to do work.
After spending ages on hold, being transferred, diverted, put on hold again I finally got through to someone who quite franky didn't care about my problem.

After organising a date for the repairs man to come he fixed the problem, only for it to break again a few weeks later. They said they would refund us money on the next bill for their faults but it never happened.

Cancelling the services was even more aggro. After giving about two weeks notice about the cancellation of our services as we were moving, we were billed one more time. Which we thought would happen. However two months later direct debits were being taken out of my account, and for more than the fixed monthly rate, turns out after my first 12 month contract finished and I asked to carry on, they entered me, without knowing, into another contract for 12 months without asking and they assumed that me 'cancelling' my services required me to pay an outright cancellation fee and remanding balance on my account, when I hadn't been in the property and using the broadband or line rental for two months. The customer service representative didn't care, didn't help and was rude consistently throughout the inquiry and never made it clear where my money was actually going!!

I paid the apparent 'remaining balance' as I want them off my back and to never have to speak with the most ridiculous, expensive and unhelpful company ever again.

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