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only giving 1 star cause I cant give none

For about a year I have continuous problems with o2 of varying degrees. Most recently, and I dont know why we called o2 to talk about their boradband. Guy pretty much talked us into and convinced us that o2 broadband was the be all and end all of broadband. Few days later people signing up are getting a really good promotional deal for signing up, we didnt get it or get offered it. We still dont have our broadband s its not due till later this month, apparently thats not good enough to get the promo, if we want it we can cancel and wait another month brining it to 2 months waiting.

you would think with the recent bad press they got with the service being down for the best part of a week in places they would be desperate for new signups and desperate for people to stay. Obviously not, planning on cancelling everything with O2 and going elsewhere.

and tats just the broadband. The problems with the network, connection, bills and their mysterious charges that appear, their poor customer service. Complete lack of any interest in the customer, keeping the customer or helping the customer completely baffles me.

Anyone reading this I urge you please please please do not sign up to O2 for anything at all.

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