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The worse service I have had . Will never use this site again.

I searched for a car to take me from London Heathrow to Sheffield. I specified that it would be dropped off at anothe rlocation (i.e. Sheffield). I was quoted a price of approximately 50 euros. I then booked the car, having clicked on the box that said that there will be a charge of 41 pounds plus other charges for the priviledge of dropping the car to another location.
Why does the company not charge the fee and include it in the original quote? Giving a price to someone and then telling them that they will be charged extra for what they originally requested is ridiculous. It is confusing and not clear at all , but then thats how big companies rip off ordinary people.
Furthermore once you book , if you book the vehicle for 3 days or less you cannot get a refund if you cancel. GREAT !!

I then went to the Alamo desk at Heathrow to fill the forms and collect the car. There was no one at the desk. I had to call the number there as the instructions were not clear. (go to Bay 2 and wait for the shuttle bus) I ve never been to Heathrow so how am I supposed to know where to go????
After asking 3 people to give me directions I managed to get to the Alamo office. They charged me the 50 pounds extra charge, 10 pounds to make a hone call to the DVLA because I did not have my counterpart driving license and also took out 250pounds as a deposit. That I dont mind but the assistant never told me that is what she ws doing. So imagine my horror when I checked my account and there were not enough money tto pay the Direct debits going out .
I will go on. She then handed me teh keys and told e to go to Bay 5/6 and pick any car i liked from tehre , check if there was any damage and go. No one came out with me to show me how the car operates. So I had to go back to get someone to show me how as I was not aware that you have to press the clutch down and hold it down in order toget the car started.
I then had problems on teh motorway as I was not sure where the lights were. I had to make a stop in teh driving rain and look for the lights.
No one shoed me how to open the petrol tank so when I had to return the vehicle and needed to fill teh tank I had to back to teh Sheffield depot and ask someone there. The petrol from the Alamo office was charged at 2.40 pounds per litre so I had to spend 40 minutes trying to find a petrol station in Sheffield to fill the car up.
And thats it. The staff at Sheffield were great and helpful but in Heathrow it was a case "why are you bothering us"

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