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Awful returns service

I returned a faulty PSU to Scan around 4 months ago. I recieved a e-mail that they had got the PSU, about 1 hour later I recieved another saying they had tested the PSU and found no fault. I said I wasn't happy, that was not long enough to test it fully and I didn't accept their test results. So a few days passes and they say they've tested it for longer and still no fault. When I enquired about how they were testing it (to see how close to full load the PSU would be gettting) they informed me it was with a system that used far less Ws than my system, and as a result the PSU couldn't be getting close to full load. I kept asking them to test in a system that was either identical or close to mine but they kept refusing, stating that they don't guaratee the products will work with specific other products. Quite clearly that wasn't my point. The PSU fault occurs at high/full load yet it wasn't being tested at high/full load.
This went on for about a month, then I went on holiday for 4 weeks. When I returned they were still insisting the PSU was not faulty. At this point I contacted the manufacturer who not only acknowledged that this fault is a known fault, easily detectable and would be happy to replace my PSU if they found the fault but they also agreed to pay the postage for me to return it to them (Approx £35 if I had to pay it) I eventually got my PSU back from Scan after paying their disgusting testing fee of £36 (Remember, the first test they did couldn't have been longer than 30mins-1 hours yet they still would have charged this much) and boy was paying that fun! My only option at the time was to pay with cheque. So I pop a cover letter along with the cheque into an envelope, decide to send it First Class Recorded Signed For so I know it would get there. Which it did the next day, but a week later I hadn't heard anything. I assumed they were waiting for the cheque to clear. No, they insisted they just hadn't had the cheque. They weren't interested in the proof of delivery. They said I couldn't prove I sent a cheque, just that I had sent something. I was clearly annoyed at this point and wanted the issue sorted, they apparently think I would waste more time by not including a cheque in a letter that was guaranteed to be delivered. Anyway, eventually I could pay by card, with the understanding that when the manufacturer replaced the PSU, they would refund me the fee.
The return to the manufacturer wasn't exactly smooth but that was the couriers fault. Once the manufacturer had the PSU they took less than 12 hours to confirm a replacement would be sent. Scan wouldn't refund my £36 until they had proof from the manufacturer that they had found a fault (apparently they think manufacturers are in the habit of replacing perfectly good products). The manufacturer was happy to confirm that the PSU was indeed faulty.

This problem should have been sorted within 7 days, instead, even without my month away, it has left me without a PC for 3 months! I will never, ever use Scan again, and neither will anyone I know. Their "deals" are not worth the risk. How they keep winning awards for their customer service is beyond me. Maybe they used to be good, but I'm seeing more and more bad reviews for them, and after this experience I can see why. Avoid at all costs, even if it means paying more for an item elsewhere (Although, if that's the case, I'd suggest phoning their sales department to see if they offer price matching. I'm getting a high-end graphics card from one of Scan's competitors at the same price Scan are selling it. It pays to ask.)

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