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Ebid is a great alternative to Ebay

Because there are not many competitors left standing up against Ebay, Ebid certainly earns some points. Ebid also allows sellers to list for free, with upgrade options. Ebid also permits international purchasing and selling. Ebid offers many payment options, other than the Paypal. There is plenty of merchandise on Ebid, and it's not crowded like Ebay has been for years now. Ebay has certainly been known for stricter selling rules, and Ebid is still quite new to many ears. I say, if you have tried Ebay, why not also try Ebid. The average seller isn't going to waste much time posting free ads on another site. I have purchased just as many items from as I have from Ebay, and the quality service seems very similar. The site's help services has been prompt, and the seller's order processing has been swift. Ebid is a great alternative to Ebay.

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