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Best airline I have used

amazing airline I flew with them to New Zealand from Scotland and it was great! Comfy and the staff were so friendly will us them again and again!! Highly recommended.


Disgraceful excuse for customer service, pathetic airline

Good Evening,

I am writing to you on behalf of my friend and a bad experience we have had.

I realise your service is cheap but it is also disgraceful and the way that my friend was treated by your staff is despicable and more than disgraceful. The job when you are sitting at the desk in the airport is Customer Service which to be honest a child could have done better, The lady who spoke to us was unfriendly, unless, rude and not willing to help us in anyway shape or form.

My friends flight was delayed which he only found out one we had driven him to the airport, he got a text message 10 minutes before departure saying it had been delayed, what is the point in that? Who lives 10 minutes from an airport?

We went to the service desk to get some more information. The lady at the desk was harsh and unfriendly, from the start she was rude and unwilling to help she barely even listened. I realise you must get many complaints and delayed flight but that is your job!! When you work for an airline that is your job!!

He was supposed to get on a flight at 7pm and explained to the assistant that he had to be back in home that night because he had work at 8am the following morning. To this she responded "That's not my problem" he again asked if there was anything she could do to help and if there were any other flights he could go in instead or buy as a replacement instead and to this she responded " that is not my job".

She basically did everything in her power she could not to help which is disgraceful and disgusting behaviour from someone who is supposed to be there to help. I do not like to complain if people have done all then can to try and help me but she did not, your airline did not which I think is just appalling!

And worst of all, you don't even have a customer service number that us available after 8pm so we had no-one else we could contact. It is a disgrace, he was offer no apology or compensation for the issues put on him by your airline.

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