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Whilst I keep going back to this shop (mainly because I can't find an equivalant accessory shop) there was an issue I had when I ordered. The necklace I got was absolutely amazing, quirky style and not something you'd see regularly. But first of all the clasp was a bit stiff and made it hard to put it on I should have taken it back but figured it was something I could live with, however after wearing it for a day the necklace just broke!! Which leads me to question the quality of the product. Don't get me wrong I've ordered from them a lot and will probably continue to do so but the prices they charge for their products I feel are expensive for what it actually is. But don't appreciate paying over the odds for costume jewellery when it does not last.



Found a part that I really wanted, good price, good service recommend


Sellers beware

I just do not like this company, I've never found it so difficult to actually use a website!!! I'm a seller with 100% feedback, The fees are stupid and the ebay/ paypal combo is ridiculous its like a great conspiracy to either not give your money back or find a reason to hold your payments. I'm sure it is great if you are buying stuff on this website as you can get the bargain of your life as the sellers are prob selling at a loss or a miniscule profit (if ebay allow you actually have your money) Detest them, find me another website to use please!!

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Ordered from this site a lot, generally they are quite good with getting stuff to you quick but I ordered a game from them that I really wanted and it was only in stock here but it wouldn't let me, they just kept cancelling my order which led me to believe that it wasn't actually in stock so there you go. A couple of good experiences coupled with a few confusing and irritating ones



I like this website everthing I order I like and its usually cheap enough (I wouldn't say the cheapest out there) but my one problem is that you have to pay a lot (in my opinion) for delivery saying that i've always had my packages arrive in a reasonable amount of time. So it rates Good for me



This website is amazing, I can't remember how I stumbled across this but the prices are fantastic, I know other stores sell their clothes like asos but I recommend just going to their own website as its probably going to be cheaper. The dress I got was at least £10 cheaper on their own site. Good quality. Recommend for nice but different clothing



Good website, I like the prices although my thing is delivery was a little longer than I would have liked but i suppose i can't complain too much as my shoes where 50% discount



This is my go to shop to find cheap bits for cameras, it's generally quite cheap compared to other mainstream shops I've looked in. Good delivery too



Good Delivery, good products, I especially like it as I have to travel a bit to the nearest store it just makes everything so easy!! i shall be a returning customer if my bank balance allows

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No item

My item went missing in the post, fair enough that happens but it was what happened after that that annoyed me. I had no response to emails when I told them my item had not been received. Then I had an email that told me that I had my item how can they help me! They must have spies round at my house or something if they want to be telling me I have received something I haven't!! Finally I got sent a missing item form after several emails (no phonecalls as there doesn't seem to be a number provided hmmm I wonder why) took long enough. I hope I will get refunded soon. Customer service BIG letdown, I'm normally understanding when it comes to smaller companies but to have people completely dismiss what I am saying is to the least very annoying

Not happy

I've ordered twice from this website, I brought a jumpsuit which was way shorter than advertised. I sent it back for a refund..... still no refund!! They are asking me for proof of postage when THEY sent me a freepost label. Now they are claiming they haven't received and it and want to keep my money. I'm not being funny but this is ridiculous they lure you in with cheap prices make it look like good quality when its not and then basically offer you no help after they've taken your money. I'm not impressed with this company at all.



I ordered a camera lens from this company on next day lol no sooner had i ordered it the website said itd take 7 days to be shipped out so i rung up as i had paid £12 for next day, he managed to get me one sent out straightaway which i was grateful for as i needed it next day for a pressie. My sister was happy with the present so I was too, though I dont agree with £12 for next day delivery absolute rip off in that sense but then they were about £30 cheaper than anyone else on the web so it works out well


Better than expected

I asked them to see if they could get some japanese game as its japanese you can't really get those games here. It wasn't on there website but i just rung up they said yeah they could get it and itd be there next week. I ordered it the following week and they sent got it in a couple of days. I was quite impressed considering that if it wasnt for me asking if they could get it it wouldnt even be on their website lol! stuck to their promise

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