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Short-changed, but awesome otherwise.

We drove from Suffolk to be in Nottingham for my best friend's stag weekend. We surprised him by arranging a dirt-buggy experience, as well as a night in Premier Inn in Nottingham.

The first experience we had was incredibly disappointing. We had one 10 minute ride on the dirt-buggies, which also happened to be slow and considerably more dull than we expected. The woman that lead us around the track was going really slowly, we weren't allowed to overtake to add any fun to the trip, and she seemed incredibly bored, disinterested and fairly miserable.

Despite this upset however, we continued with the weekend, and the rest of the trip was great. We went to the Orange Tree, a bar I arrranged a table & cheap ish drinks at, for a few hours where we ate and celebrated. The service was great, they were friendly, and it was on the way to Oceana, the club we were headed for...

...which was also really good fun. We're not really "clubbing-people" - but there was a karakoe bar downstairs, which we didn't expect, and we spent a good few hours here enjoying the comfy chairs & the music (and the singing... to a degree!). The only down-side to this part of the event, was the price of the drinks (£4 for a budweiser!!!) - however, it turned out to be a decent sober end to the party.

Nottingham itself is lively - which makes a change from our home town, and the atmosphere was awesome. Nottingham's a really great place for a stag weekend, as there are loads of bars on the way to the club, all of which allowed the stag to carry an inflatable doll handcuffed to him.

Nottingham - strongly recommended. Oceana - strongly recommended. Dirt Buggy experience - definitely not, unless they change their staff and duration of track time.

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