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Animed Direct

No problems and fast service

So far never had any problems. Fast delivery service. Good prices.


All fine - but print buttons would help

One small helpful thing would be to have a single link PRINT TICKET button on both email ticket advices as well as 'my bookings' onlne. It is not immediately clear what you need to print out for each airline.

Okobe Ltd

Excellent attention and resolution to delivery query

I needed a reasonably quick delivery for a gift, and selected 2-4 working days. The checkout comes up with a 'supermarket-style' list of possible delivery days, so I clicked on a suitable one and proceeded with checkout. Not until this was completed, did I discover that the days were not for selection, but simply a list of when it might be delivered. This is a bit deceptive.

However, when I had no info about delivery by day two, I raised the query with Okabe saying I needed it by the weekend as a gift, and received a quick response advising that they had reviewed the order and would ensure delivery next day - which they did.

I think the checkout delivery style needs simplifying for clarity - but their response to my specific needs was personal and immediate. A very good example to others!

Dino PC

Good transaction - communications could be better

I was worried by the reviews here - which I only checked after placing an order. I was checking because DinoPC's communications could have been a bit better where they are unable to meet delivery dates. I ordered two-day delivery and, as I had heard nothing by the day of despatch, phoned to find out. I was then advised that the order would be a day late - which turned out to be the case. Apart from this everything was exactly as ordered. I waited to see if the £5 refund would be made voluntarily - which of course it wasn't - another minor silliness that took an email to resolve. A 'welcome pack' would also have been helpful, showing which drivers and installation CDs had been loaded - but that was not a major problem.

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