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Sports Direct-international

Received next working day, no problems.

Placed an order with SD on the Easter Sunday, not expecting to receive the item until around Thursday/Friday the following week due to the bank holiday weekend.

Received my order at Tuesday lunch time. Items were perfect, no faults, no problems.

Husband claimed my free mug though...

All in all, I would definitely order from again, especially if there is another sale on.


For Your Statutory Rights Sake, Don't Order From The Marketplace

Rude, clueless and down right insulting.

Ordered a wedding dress from a seller here and when the dress arrived it was 2 sizes too small. The seller then told me to got to a tailor to have it altered as it would be cheaper than funding a return. Pointed out to said seller that as she had not given any written notice before the sale that she didn't fund returns, it was her obligation to do so. I acted on her request however and consulted a tailor who said because the dress was that small, the whole look of the dress would have to be completely changed and rather than paying for a dress, I would have just paid for expensive fabric. I contacted ASOS and Paypal, and Paypal agreed that the seller had to do something about the dress.

But hold on, ASOS didn't agree. After getting very vague information over the matter from the seller, ASOS informed me that I was a liar and a thief and that I had been given a full refund (according to their system) and had to return the dress. (FYI, I was offered a partial refund from seller to cover an extreme alteration, and never received a full refund although the seller had used the ASOS sellers system to say that I had).

3 weeks later, after arguing my case and informing ASOS that I wanted to return the dress, I have been issued a full refund and it was agreed that ASOS would send a courier to pick up the dress. As of today however, I have just been rudely told by a 'Senior Manager' to keep the dress and put an end to the matter due to ASOS arranging couriers that cannot keep to agreed time frames to pick up a collection. It seems that ASOS don't understand that losing a days work either loses myself or my employer money, and thus means I cannot stay in all day waiting for a failed attempt to collect the item.

I have used my statutory rights throughout the whole process and Paypal, and legal services have confirmed that everything I have written and sent has been correct and in line with the UK Distance Sellings Regulations. This didn't stop ASOS from calling me a cheat, liar and a thief.

Please, for your own safety as a buyer, do not use the ASOS Marketplace until you have fully researched who you are buying from. ASOS still seem to allow sellers to sell items even though the response by the customers reflects that the items they are receiving are incorrect and unable to be returned when they have been given no warning about this.

ASOS, it's disgusting that you can promote such incompetent idiots to 'senior' positions who clearly have no understanding about buying and selling regulations within the UK and who refuse to protect their customers when all they have done is purchase in good faith and have used their legal rights when they have received unfit items.The whole episode has cost a lot of time, money and effort and with my wedding day approaching, has only made matters worse with me having to find an alternative dress in a very short space of time. As a loyal customer of nearly 3 years, I regret to say that I will shop with you no longer.

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Breaking & Entering Now Apart Of Their Service

I've ordered several items from a well known company for business advertisement. And each one being delivered by City Link (Professional Trespassing)

What the issue is with City Link is that their drivers are not educated in knocking on a persons front door before leaving a delivery with them.

Last month I ordered a box of 250 business cards. A couple of days later I came into my kitchen at the back of the house after hearing a noise and found my item sat on my kitchen windowsill in the rain. The driver had unlocked my back gate and left my parcel. They hadn't even bothered to come to my front door and I was sat in the front room at the time.

I contacted the company I had ordered from and City Link as my item has been waterdamaged. They informed me a replacement would be sent.

A few days later, the same thing happened again. Driver unlocked backgate and left item outside on windowsill. I complained to City Link who didn't answer any questions on why their drivers were trespassing on property that was clearly locked up, and not even bothering to come to the front door.

My item was replaced again, this time to be greeted with a driver with the attitude of a pubescent 15 year old male. He shoved my item in my face, told me to sign for it and he left.

A couple of weeks later I had to order an alternative item. This time the trespassing driver had returned. The driver banged her fists on my kitchen window, dumped the parcel next to the drain and was off, through the gate that she had unlocked again. I had ran into the kitchen with fright due to the nature of her abrupt delivery, with a shaken 6 month old in my arms and spotted her on my drive way.

So City Link, the next time I order and you have to deliver, if your driver EVER trespasses on property that is clearly locked and is not to be accessed by the public, I will file a complaint with the police. I HAVE A FRONT DOOR!!!!!!!!!


When you have to collect your own parcel and you still struggle to receive it!

We ordered an expensive item last year and was told we would receive it within a couple of days. We tracked, it never came, however Yodel seemed to think that they had been to our house. I worked from home for a week to receive my item. They said we weren't there and I begged to differ.

After numerous exasperating phone calls I was told I could come and collect it at their Nottingham branch. So I went only to be confronted by the most ridiculously idiotic member of staff possible. She denied that there was any note left for me to pick my item up and that even though I had travelled 90 minutes to get my item (that I had paid delivery for) she wouldn't give it to me (as it was against policy).

Funny how that changed when one of their delivery drivers walked in on our heated discussion, and asked her why was it such a problem when all he had to do was walk out the back and get it. I showed him proof of how long we had waited and the tracking number and that was the end of the matter.

Until the huge foot mark and dent in the box was spotted on nearly £1000 worth of equipment.

Since then I try to avoid anyone that uses Yodel as a courier service. I'm not sure whether they are the cheapest option or not, but surely the revenue in having to give refunds due to their lack of courtesy and care, as well as navigation is costly enough to stop using these delinquents to deliver goods. Clowns.

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