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Simply Electronics Ltd.

The worst company I have ever had the dis-pleasure of dealing with

I ordered a phone from this company in June after coming across their website via an internet search. The price seemed good, delivery time seemed promising & all looked well. The phone arrived within the top delivery time & I was impressed up until that point. After about a week of use I started encountering problems with my phone, I tried to rectify the issues and took it along to my network provider, who told me that it seemed like a firmware issue and would have to be returned.

I then contacted simply electronics to instigate the return procedure. I sent them an initial email and was notified that I would need to complete a form (RMA) online to highlight the issues, then I would be given the return address. I completed the form correctly, but was not given the return address, so I had to contact them to obtain this, once again delaying the process. This was then eventually sent to me & I returned the phone. The company states that it can take upto 28 days for the relevant processes to be completed. However, they also state that you will be contacted within 10 days to acknowledge receipt of the returned items, I was not. I also had to chase them up to find out what the current status with my return was. I had tried to contact them via their telephone number on their website, I suggest you give this a very wide berth as I, like others on here it seems, were told queue was an hour. I do not have the time to sit on the phone waiting for an hour & by all accounts the callback system in place is pretty useless too, judging from others comments on here. Another problem that you will encounter is that each time you have to contact them, striving to get an update, you get another ticket number issued. I'm building up quite a collection of these now & each time I'm contacting them its a case of trawling through the numerous emails sent from them, to copy and paste these ticket numbers, very time consuming & I poorly executed system from this company.

After emailing regarding the status of the return, I received an email to confirm that the phone was faulty & the relevant department where going to send me a replacement. All I needed to do was to confirm my delivery address. This was so frustrating as they have my details on file from the original order, all this seemed to do, was further delay my order. Why cant they have a delivery address section on the return form? Would this be such a hardship to try & save your customers time? I sent them my delivery address & expected a confirmation email, within the next working day (Mon-Fri) as stated on their emails. Yep you guessed it, I'm still waiting, with no response. Once again, I feel as though this company is just leaving me in the dark & stalling for time at every opportunity available. It is now seven days since I provided simply electronics with my delivery address & yep, still no phone???????? It would be laughable if it wasn't so frustrating that this company states the phone is currently in stock (07/0812) and is usually dispatched within 2-4 business days, so what is the delay?

So after receiving a product that has been pretty much unusable from the day of purchase, I am left without a phone. I would like to say that the phone was the cheapest I could find on the internet, however, if you work in to the price the cost of returning the item, plus my line rental (which I am paying, for something I cannot use) I have already added a further price or £36 pounds onto my original purchase price.

The worst thing about the delays and stalling for time is the fact that I purchased this phone to use for my newly established business. The delays, lack of communication & extremely poor customer service from simply electronics has cost me custom and revenue, as I have recently had an article published in the press, but unfortunately I do not have a phone that people can contact me on. I'm not prepared to purchase a new phone at the cheapest price of £60, as I feel like I have already wasted enough money dealing with this company.

So in a nutshell, if you would like to endure sheer frustration, disappointment and anger, then order from simply electronics, I know they won't let you down in that department, but for good customer service & satisfaction I'm sure they will. If you want to feel like just a number once they have your money in the bank, place your order with them. If you want to be left in the dark & feel like you are having to do their job by chasing up the issues, please do order from them. I only wished I had searched reviews of the company before I purchased from them. I don't normally write reviews, but I really felt obliged to with this situation, as I don't wan't people to have to suffer the same issues & I'm pretty certain that if you have to return any products, you will be in the same situation.

Please avoid at all costs, spend a little more money from the outset & be happy in the knowledge that you have had a lucky escape from these problems & this company. I only wish that I could vote a BIG FAT ZERO! for rating.

My only other concerns & worries now are that judging from the other reviews & similar problems encountered by customers here on Trustpilot, it looks like I'm in for the long haul in dealing with this company. But rest assured simply electronics, YOU WILL NOT FOB ME OFF!

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