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THOMSONS - Please don't anyone downgrade if asked to do so!!

Im having an extremely hard time with Thomsons Airline (TUI). On our recent flight back from Florida myself and my partner were asked to downgrade to economy to accomodate a family of three (including one child) to enable them to sit together. There were enough seats in the cabin for everyone but due to poor planning from Thomsons the family was unable to sit together. We originally said no to the downgrade but the cabin crew were persistent and asked us to look at the seats in economy. We were told that we would get a "full refund" and we agreed on this basis.
On return home, we have been refunded only a fraction of the cost of a one way premium upgrade each. We paid £398 additional for the two of us to travel in Premium Economy (round trip). They have deducted £65.00 of that in tax. We have received £134.00 in total from Thomsons for downgrading at their request on the return leg of the journey. At no time was we ever told on the flight that tax would be deducted and, indeed, if we had known we would never have agreed to downgrade.
The words the cabin crew said to us were "full refund".
After two complaint letters to Thomsons they have failed to answer any of many questions raised by us in correspondence. They have said that they are not going to refund any more and that is the end of the matter.
Furthermore, they have provided no explanation as to why the EC regulations do not apply in this case (I queried whether it was an involuntary class change as I found the regulations online). They have provided no explanation as to what a "full refund" is. Thomsons have not offered any explanation as to why the situation arose or why it was not resolved before boarding. They have not told us why we were asked to downgrade and not anyone else.
Myself and my partner downgraded as a matter of goodwill and now we have been totally disregarded by Thomson.

Now, I am a member of a very large and well known disney forum. I posted my plight on the forum and I have obtained a massive amount of support from the community. My post has been viewed by over 8,000 members of the forum and has over 200 responses from members. As another resort I posted my disgust at the total lack of customer care from Thomsons on the Thomson Holidays facebook page. I have had a staggering response of over 135 comments all expressing their agreement with me and the fact that we should at least get what was promised on that flight that day. Thomsons replies to my complaint on the facebook page have caused outrage.
Despite all of this Thomsons are still washing their hands of the situation.
I would just like to get what we were promised.

I am just posting this to draw attention to the awful treatment that we have received from Thomsons. They are happy to take your money but are unwilling to give it back when they are in the wrong!

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