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All their staff should be forced to go on a customer care course.

Travelling to Tenerife with one case for the hold, and cabin baggage, my husband and I were unceremoniously told we were over the Ryanair weight (15kg when most other airlines are 18 kg plus). We were to "go over there to pay the excess, then come back for boarding cards"
We went "over there", paid our excess of £20 per kilo to an absolute moron who never spoke to either of us.
Receipt in hand we went back (yes queued again) the first moron had gone, and was now replaced with a faceless female, who would not look AT us , just looked at the receipt, and gave us back our paperwork.
Onto passport control, where we were told that in our paperwork we only had my husbands boarding card, which she had scanned, and if he left to accompany me to retreive mine, he would have to have another boarding card printed at a cost of another £50. Luckily(?) for us the passport lady was very nice and allowed my husband to stay with her while I went back yet again to the check in. Now! I must admit I did not queue this time, just went to the front and asked if they had got my boarding card please. Another faceless female snapped "name"? I replied, she looked amaong 8 or9 boarding cards and pulled one out. "receipt" she snapped .My husband has it.. After a phone call she shoves my boarding card at me, still not looking at me. No apologies for their error, no smiles no welcoming comments. Never ever ever again.

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Diet Chef


When the hamper arrived,I couldn't believe how much food was in it.
Such a lot, and the variety was untrue!
The shakes are great, as are the crisps.
The meatballs are so tasty if a bit sweet, but if you eat them with broccoli it takes some of the sweetness away.
The mushroom strogonoff and chicken in black bean sauce are soooooo good.
I am only into my second week,but so far, I am very impressed.

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