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crisp and courteous service

The delivery was very quick, much sooner than i had anticipated. The driver was most helpful and friendly. THe additive i ordered was NOT on his order sheet. It arrived by post the following day. Please advise what I must do with it - Pour straight into the tank ????


Asda Bargains = Cash. As easy as ABC.

Like us, all astute buyers have visited Asda, and left well pleased with their savings, and indeed with the quality of their purchases. Their glowing faces indicate their satisfaction, and they can easily afford to share some of their savings with their much loved Rover and Kitty.


Boot the bootsale and buy big on Ebay.

You didn't buy that on ebay is often heard from those who regard it as a large scale Church bazaar, but bargains are to be had in a secure setup and a truly astounding choice of goods. Well, I have bought books and stamps and programmes and figures and never been unhappy with my bargain buys.


Amazing, Ageeable Amazon's Are Awesome!

Very efficient with prompt delivery make Amazon a dependable business partner for anybody. I have never been disappointed by them in any of my many transactions ; like their watery name they sail on into a seemingly never ending horizon.



All was well with Big Dug and their friendly and knowledgeable staff, and you will be surprised to learn that their package, service and goods, were just what they said on the tin, sorry advertisement ! Old Dug had better steer clear of politics however, because his promises really do come true.


efficient and good value

delivery was good enough and the experience of ordering, payment and product condition were all pleasing.

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