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Evolution Organics

Great and fast delivery

Not sure if the product works as yet. Super greens taste pretty strong of veg, which I guess is the point. So definitely needs to be mixed with sweet fruit or fruit juice to cut back on that strong veggie taste. Mixed only with water and shaken not blended the powder doesn't seem to mix all that well but other than that great product and this way get all my greens!

UPDATE: - Marie-Eve
I bought some apple juice and this does cut back on the strong green taste, thanks for the update Marie-Eve. Does help it to go down a lot smoother and easier... Well recommended even eating an apple separately helps this go down a lot easier.

Great tip and highly recommended! :)

18 March 2014

Reply from Evolution Organics

Hello Edson

I trust your have had a good experience with Living Fuel Super Greens? And yes, I am having one as I am typing this and it does taste very "green" - have you tried mixing it with a 1/4 organic apple juice? I find that Super Greens mixes well but it does separate very quickly so you often need to shake it up every so often.

Thank you for your feedback



Hey guys, great cabin. Added it to my garden to give me a space to do some training and move weights etc out of the house. JUST A SHAME about delivery! Took 6 weeks to arrive, but besides that was great.

I had to do a base, which was easy enough. Guide on this site helped.

I installed the 12 x 10 option. Can't recommend this highly enough, pretty straight forward setup. The only thing that took a while was the roofing. 128 individual planks to nail down.

The doors were a little fiddly but with 2 or 3 people to lift them was actually ok. They do have a little movement until the roof goes on so not to worry.

Solid build and definitely adds something to my garden now! GREAT TRAINING space.

Check out my photos:

If you need any pointers drop me a message.

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