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Asda products are not all that great and believe me when I say this!! AT LEAST 99% OF THEIR STAFF DON;T EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY SELL OR WHERE THE PRODUCTS ARE PLACED.

What a joke! I think they are trained this way so that you can walk more around their supermarket whilst looking for the product you need AND be tempted to buy more (even though you don't need it!)

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Products=Fantastic. Customer Service=High blood pressure

All in all, products from myprotein are great HOWEVER...would be perfect if their customer service was better or better yet, even trained. On the brighter side, my products always arrive in good timing but then again when I ordered the second time, it was an utter disaster. Basically paypal received the payment but myprotein claimed to not have received any order AT ALL. Anyway, to cut a long story short, the problem was that myproteins website incurred an error thus everything went wrong and if I didnt say anything (which, by the way took ONE MONTH to resolve) I would have lost the money. When I called the company, the lady that I spoke to did not know what she was talking about and everything she said was irrelevant to my questions. She then put me on hold for at least 8 minutes as she said that she needed to talk to her manager and when she got back on the phone, she basically regurgitated what she previously said. I then told her that she already said that, and her answer was "oh did I?"

In conclusion, their products are good if not excellent but just like any other company, they are extremely polite when it comes to the selling part but once you question anything, they are so rude. However, in this case, that particular member of staff from myprotein wasn't rude but clueless.

I ordered from them again a few days ago and everything was ok (BY LUCK PERHAPS ) however, I STILL really want to order from them again (which I might do one day) but remembering the customer service is a complete throwback so I have now just decided to go and shop somewhere else despite prices being £2 - £3 higher.

Perhaps myprotein should consider providing that member of staff a supplement to cater to her mental focus and a supplement that can counteract stress levels for customers who have experienced this same problem (I know a few that have had this same problem).

ps. I would have given them 5 stars but due to the customer service and ignorance, it has to be a blatant 1 star....and thats being generous!


08 August 2012

Reply from Myprotein UK & Ireland

Hello Reg,

Thank you for your feedback.

I'm really sorry for any inconvenience caused and I can fully understand how you feel. Please assured that this is not typical of our service.

I would like to start an investigation in to this and appreciate it if you could send an email to for the attention of the Customer Relations Team. In the email, please can you provide your order number and a contact number.

Your honest feedback is much appreciated as this will help us improve on our services.

Apologies and regards, Customer Relations Team

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