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Travel insurance

Just dont buy this cause its nothing worts,,,,,will just give you an idea of you are covered. My situation was going to Spain 7 days with this insurance in my pocket. But in Spain I got ill, my elbow and arm suddely got twice as thick as normal--fever and pain and fear from loosing my arm was my situation now. I stayed in Spain 5 days in bed. I went to the private doctor (i was covered to this) which gave me treatment and medicine. This did cost me 80 Euro and my tickets was 170 euro. This left my claim to 250 euro. Lets se what i payed insuranse Ryanair 16 euro, doctor and medicine 80 euro, medical certificate here in DK( this certificate they didnt pay but they did want it) 26 euro which gives 122 euros.
Lets se what Ryanair gave me 80 euro which their insurance excess? was 50 euros, this gave me 30 euro....oh just forgot to tell youI had to pay 3,5 euro for Ryanairs transfer to Denmark which gave me 26,5 Euro. They newer answered why the ticket not was refound. godnight Ryanair

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