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I'm a student and a lovefilm empolyee approached me on the street in Lincoln. He was really hard to get away from and kept standing in front of me when I tried to walk away. I listened to what he said and when he explained to me that I'd get £60 worth of Amazon vouchers for signing up for 3 months, with 2 of them being free, i thought it was well worth the money! He even said to just cancel it after the 3 months and take the vouchers, which would help by books I needed etc.

I never got the vouchers and when I enquired about it, it turned out I had been well and truly tricked into signing up for lovefilm. I have to write this review as it made me think just how many people they are willing to lie to in order to get them to sign up. Even if its just small things like saying you will be able to watch more for free than you actually can etc. I don't trust a company who are willing to let their employees lie to people and trick consumers into giving them their money.

They obviously don't think that the service is good enough or they wouldn't have had to add false extra incentives to get customers. I luckily got my money back in the end, but the whole experience has put me off ever going near lovefilm again.

You also have to pay for films and things that aren't in your deal which seems to be an awful lot of them for the price you pay every month! Not worth signing up to. The only reason I'm giving one star is because I was able to get my money back...

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