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EasyGates Ltd

Better than expected !

I ordered an electronic garage door opener for a disabled relative.
Delivery was fast and very well packaged. During unpacking I was surprised by the quality of the components, perfectly machined and fitting together snugly, with obvious attention to detail during design.
As mentioned the instructions would be a headache if used alone, but I had my laptop at the side and followed the much more user friendly installation video on the website which made the whole process relatively easy.
The door worked perfectly the first time I tried it, I then carried out the adjustments as advised in the setup guide (an easy 5 minute job) and that was that !
Has made me want one for my own garage, its that good !


Nice !

Handy to have a store locally as Maplins stock loads of those 'hmm where the bugger can i get that ?!' things !

Decent prices and staff who know what they are talking about.

Only done the mail order thing once but it was cheap and quick.



Great and awful, all in one 1

The thing is with Virgin, if it is working it is great but prepare yourselves for when it isn't.

Customer services, based abroad, are absolutely shocking. Nothing to do with them actually being foreign but the fact is the phone lines are shocking, they just do not understand you, and have the most basic crib sheets in front of them to try and diagnose problems.

On the rare occassions when they deem it necessairy to put you through to a UK level 2 operative you feel like kissing the phone you are that grateful.

The package on the whole is great but I do feel deeply angry that I signed up to the 50mb cable internet just before they decided to choke the life out of it when you use it for anything other than surfing (what, you ordered 50mb internet and want to actually download something?!! - Outrageous !)

I won't move as they are the best there is, but once there is an alternative I will be gone.


Lots of fun but not cheap

We have been to the Cumbrian site three times and loved it every time.

It costs around £600 for a four day chalet and then you have food and activities on top.

Each time we have budgeted around £1000 for everything for a family of 4 and been more or less spot on each time.

Restaurants are above average and the small supermarket is well stocked, which in both cases is good if you consider they have a captive market.

The pool and slides are free and are fantastic.

We always take the kids bikes and hire the 2 adult ones.

Would be a 5/5 review but it is an expensive break.

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Done to death, but........

I think most of what can be said has been said, but I want to say the best tip I have been given recently was to get the ASDA credit card if you do online groceries.

As long as you spend more than £99 you get free delivery and can still select your own time slot.

So for us, a family of 4, we spend around £100 a week on online groceries, so this adds up to a £250 saving on deliveries per year !

On top of that it is a reward card, so we get petrol etc on it and get vouchers in return.

It is from the 'santander' group and we already have one of theirs but got the ASDA one without problems.

There is an interest free transfer period as well but I can't remember how long sorry.

Hope that helps.


T Mobile

Can't really fault them !

After being with O2 and Vodafone since my first mobile I was a bit wary of going to T-Mobile for no other reason than my own perceptions.

O2 gave me poor reception, Vodafone gave me sleepless nights over their customer services, so I was in the mood for a change.

T-Mob had the best prices at the time so I took the plunge.

I have been more than happy and I am into my 4th year with them. My connection is superb and the allowances/dataplans are as good as any.

I use my i'net allowance on an iPhone 4 50% mobile and the other 50% tethered with my laptop, and it is great either way.

I can't see myself leaving anytime soon as the deal I got on my iPhone was great and so I expect future 'upgrades' to be the same.



great website !

I am a returning customer and although we had a problem with our first item (a remote control camera/car) it was sorted in no time and with zero fuss.

Great prices and choice, it gets a thumbs up from me ( and my son !)


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