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Extortionate non goods

I ordered clothes online.
I had received no confirmation e-mail or any other e-mail that suggested i had purchased.
Debenhams online account did not recognise my order number. All this was worrying as i had paid over £300.00.
I Telephoned Debenhams on their expensive 0844 number. They informed me that most of the goods I ordered and paid for are not in stock (although the clothes i ordered and paid for were stated 'in stock' at the time of ordering).
Debenhams spoke of 3 items that are in stock and will be sent out to me. I asked what is the purchase price of these three items, and i was answered that all of my £300.00+ order was taken out of my bank account, even though they do not have it in stock!
I asked how long will it take to be re-imbursed for the amount I've paid for stock they don't have. They answered it will take 3-5 working days! Even though i have nothing to show for the amount paid! (they can make a lot of interest money if this is how all customers are treated).
I asked if i could be sent an e-mail please confirming what clothes i do have; they said "i should have recieved one". I stated I hadn't, and it's now 3 hours since that conversation, and i have no e-mail whatsoever confirming i have paid over £300.00 on an order that apparantly isn't in stocK when stated it's in stock!!
So, i have no idea which 3 items i am actually having to show for my £300.00 purchase they have taken out of my bank.
I have re-searched debenhams website and cannot find the items i ordered and paid for.
Looks like I'll have to ring again on the very expensive phone number, adding to total costs paid for goods i won't receive; And i wonder if they will actually listen next time and actually send me an e-mail!!!

I've also ordered from Monsoon website, and i immediately received a confimation of order e-mail, and they state they will not debit my account of any money untill actual clothes are dispatched.

Debenhams could learn from this....but i really don't think they are at all bothered!!


Degrading and Disrespectful

I shopped at Tesco, buying clothes (utilising clothes voucher offer). Tesco staff helped me at Self-service check-out. As i went to leave the store, the manager and store detective reprimanded me. The manager said the voucher "clearly stated one use per customer" (it stated in small print which i hadn't read). I said why has the staff helped me, obtaining more vouchers for me to put through the check-out if this was the case. The manager completely ignored my words and re-iterated the point "it clearly states....". The security guy said "we have been watching you, and you have gone to several checkouts, and you haven't paid for your items". I had paid for all my items, and stated this. Security guard said "we've got security cameras all over this store, and we can zoom in on anything". He and the manager completely ignored me, and said i must go to the back with them, and If i didn't go with them, then they'll call the police. So, i was frogmarched by them both to the back office.
Immediately i got there, the manager told the security guy to ring the police. They said I'd have to wait up to an hour, and all my bags would be searched by the police. They diddn't want to hear anything that i had to say, and they diddn't want to look at any of my reciepts or shopping. I am a single parent and needed to go home to my daughter who was home alone, but couldn't. I felt physically sick at the dis-belief of it all. Tesco took my passport number, address and all personal details, and recorded it in their 'theft incident book'.
The police came, and immediately found i was not gulity of any theft. The Police immediatley stated that i "did not look like a shop lifter" and asked if security had asked me what happened or did they check my reciepts or bags, and of course Tesco had not.
I wanted a full refund of my goods at this point, as i certainly would not enjoy the clothing bought under such awful circumstances. Tesco told me i could only recieve refund on one shopping bag, and no other. (which was disgraceful, and i would have thought against my consumer rights to return items for refund).
I was frogmarched by the manager through the store to Custumer Services, to return goods and get a refund. The manager told the customer service staff 'to check all goods; to get back all clubcard points given through purchase; to keep all reciepts of mine for her to check and to get back all vouchers given (the pay £40 in store, and recieve £6.00 back).
So, Tesco kept all, and would not give me my reciepts back (so that i could check full refund back into my bank and have proof of the transactions).
Throughout this nightmare ordeal, not one person of Tesco spoke or listened to me, they simply treated me as a lesser value being. As i waited for the police to arrive, they spoke to each other around me, of their personal life, of recent events, anything, except look at or even acknowledge me! I was treated as a shoplifter and criminal throughout, even after proved clear of any crime by the police. The manager still spoke around and of me to customer service staff, not recognising me as a person of value or of equal rights. All Tesco staff still treated me as a common criminal and demonstrated their belief of this for all to see in store, both before and after police clearence of any wrong-doing! Only when i left the store did the discrimination and horror of it all end. Not once did anyone offer an apology, explanation or empathy of the situation. I remain in their criminal book along with all my personal I.D.
Perhaps worst of all is Tesco did not even consider any liability or wrong-doing on their part, it was as though to them they are completely right, I am scum and I remain scum! Tesco certainly will not learn from any of this 'mistake', as they believe there was no mistake! Hence, they will not learn or train more from this experience, and i fear it will happen again and again to innocent people who. like me, have never had a criminal record or done anything wrong in their life! I WILL NEVER, NEVER SHOP AT TESCO AGAIN AND URGE DECENT PEOPLE TO DO THE SAME. TESCO DO NOT DESERVE DECENT CUSTOM OR MY MY MONEY TO PAY THEIR WAGES WHEN TREATED SO INHUMANLY. If it makes any difference of possible misguided perceptions of my character (as the police stated i did not look like a shoplifter), I work full-time with the NHS, and have always lived day-to-day valuing others whilst abiding by any given law. My eyes are now opened to the easiness of 'becoming a percieved criminal' by the say-so of just a couple 'powerful' individuals whose beliefs and words had the power to withold and prevent me from being a member of society with freewill to come and go as i please.....
A very frightening thought for all law-abiding members of society!

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