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***WARNING*** Do NOT use this company

How this company is still in buisness is beyond me. I ordered a 32" TV from <external link removed> on Friday 3rd August for 'next day delivery' between 0700-1200. The tv didn't actually get to Yodel (Newton Abbot) until Monday 6th (which was <external link removed> fault) but still i would expect my delivery by Tuesday??? How wrong I was. I finally got through to Yodel on Friday 10th Aug after numerous attempts throughout the week. I gave my tracking number and they could not locate my tv. They then said they wanted to do a more in depth search of the warehouse for it and would get back to me, but they didn't! I called them 3 hours later to be told that my tv had been 'lost'.....LOST? Yodel, how do you lose a 32" television??????????? Staff were rude on the phone, they wern't all that bothered, and i got the impression that this happens quite often because they didn't seem suprised at all. <external link removed> you should be ashamed to use such a poor company.....<external link removed> all the way in future!!

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