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will never use again...diabolical..drivers abusive an threatning

ordered from matalan used this service once before with no probs ..placed another order.. still nothing by the friday so looked online an it says delivered on wed placed thru letter box.. called as i was not in on wed first days holiday from wrk so was out with kids all day an asked how it wld have fitted thru my letter box as this was a big order of school stuff.. matalan said they wld email the company then find out what happened to my order within 4 hrs, heard nothing from matalan but had a man in a white top an jeans no id tag arrive at my door i was in the house with my oldest 2 kids one of 17 15, 11 an eight opend the door the driver says he delivered it on the thursday was very aggressive with me pointed out he stays in this area i said i never got any parcel and why does it say u deliverd it the day before on the tracking site he then said naw a delivered it here yesterday meaning the thursday i was in all day doing the garden, he was very abusive stating he knows the area well as he stays here i said well why didnt u give it 2 the ppl that live nxt dr to me or better still put it round the back not leave a big parcel lying in full view of anyone passing he says im never delivering to this address again as it comes out of my pocket i asked him not to argue with me as its not my fault it was his mistake i was badly shaken as i have never experianced any thing like this before i had to call my partner as i was in such a state with the verbal attack from the hermeys driver tried contacting the delivery company but was no help at all as they dont have anyone to take complaints about there drivers an to be honest they didnt seem that intrested not helpfull at all i am now paronoid as this driver stays locally waiting for matalan to get back to me but still doesnt help me i still have no order an no refund matalan should have looked online before using this company which they have recently changed over to, SO PLEASE AVOID USING ANY WERE THAT USES THIS COMPANY, drivers can approach wen an if they want dnt nd 2 carry I.D an can get away with abusing customers in aggressive ways as i say avoid avoid ... other companys use this service as well so make sure u no whos delivering for them before ordering..still badly shaken thanx for reading but PLZ AVOID THIS COMPANY .doesnt deserve a star

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Edinburgh, United Kingdom