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Auto Europe US

Rented a dangerous car

I booked through AutoEurope way before travelling on holiday and received great service and a great price.

Picked up the car at Nice airport and everything seemed OK.

A few days later the car's start/stop system kicked in whilst driving normally. A little bit of a shock to say the least! As I was travelling slowly it wasn't a problem, so the car just rolled to a stop and all I received was numerous horn blows from irate French motorists!

Later though it was more serious. The car did exactly the same when travelling at 60mph. This was not funny as suddenly I had no power and no control on a busy road with oncoming traffic. Managed to get the car to the side of the road despite having my heart in my mouth.

This is where the service falls off a cliff.

Europcar ( the car rental people) were useless. Calling the breakdown people was a trial in endurance. After numerous calls (heaven know how much my mobile phone will be) I eventually managed to make myself understood and the car was collected. A new car was made available , eventually via the local agent. She unfortunately did not speak one word of english and had no knowledge that I was coming to pick up a replacement car. Painful to say the least!

On return to England, I contacted AutoEurope and explained what had happened. Their call centre said that I had to put it on an email. The response said that it could be up to 20 working days before receiving a response. The response was not worth the wait. €60 refund for the breakdown and £20 good will for the inconvenience! (The original bill was £500).

This is the price they have put on providing me with a car that could have killed me. Cheap, cheap and could not have cared less. Did they read my email??

If I can persuade you that this is NOT a company (or Europcar to be honest), I would recommend to my worst enemy, I may have saved your life.

More than happy to provide any more details if anyone wants them as this is serious and neither company seems to agree.


BA website drives me distraction

Have spent months and months accumulating points to spend. Also, spent £ & £s to accrue a Companion voucher through American Express.

This said, now trying to spend the points. The site makes it incredibly difficult to find what you can spend it on, then spend it!

How difficult can this be? There are limited flights you can use either points or companion vouchers on. It would be helpful to know which they are to start with rather than using the hit and miss technique.

It seems from a customer point of view, starting from a point of frustration rather than anticipation is not a good thing. I want to enjoy BA but I always seem to start from a position of "why do I use this company?"

It could and should be so much better. I am rapidly approaching the end of my tether and will step outside and find someone that appreciates me rather than tolerates me.

Get your act together BA or lose loyal customers (well this one anyway).

Hotel Direct

Hardly what it was made out to be

Very excited booking three rooms to celebrate my wife's parents (and their friends) birthday. Took responsibility to find a great hotel. Found a "hidden gem. It was hidden because no one wanted to find it. Three rooms, all were small and looked out onto a wall. Very poor for what we paid.

Called Hotel Direct and the person was less than helpful. Willing to phone the hotel on my behalf. Seemed as though I was more trouble than it was worth.

Be very careful of booking "hidden gems" through this site. Or expect to be disappointed. Booking for in-laws made it that much more tricky. We were not "wowed" at any stage of the process from beginning to end.

Shame really.

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