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These guys ripped me off! my site was never completed they stopped communicating when i made a complaint? i gave up in the end they wouldnt return emails or calls & my site was left to the elements, they claim they offer value for money but they offer anything but this, they also "outsource" all they work to india so you have long long long periods of time before anything gets done there is far better companies to use out there, IF you have a small budget use someone else! if you dont listen to me you are about to get ripped off!



I emailed the Director ( & politely asked her WHY it is that there is a Tsunami of negative reviews on the company? & included the link to the site with the reviews! i also included my personal experience (which is below this text) i asked why it was there is so many people taking their time out to show their frustration on their crappy service from on the phone with the call centre to their shabby delivery men? BTW i am NOT generalizing ALL the deliverymen! some are great! and work damn hard! Anyways if i complain to a company i always goto the top as if you email the call centre its just a number! no one really gives a crap, So as i email the people at the top i get 100% of the time ive had replies of some of the biggest companies there is from the directors themselves! Even if its just acknowledgment they tell me they are sorry they didnt fulfil their commitment & someone will be in touch... BUT NO! not with Carole Woodhead who is company director! You would of thought when literally 100's are complaining she would be more concerned BUT NOPE! she wasnt i didnt even get an acknowledgment reply from her? & i know i had the correct email as i research companies very well & i also received a reply from some call centre staff who told me they was concerned about my complaint? so WHY didnt Carole email me back? I'l tell you all why cause they are simply NOT interested in customer feedback! BUT let me tell you people this! Carole Woodhead is forgetting as a proprietor i can tell you one of the key aspects that helps keep a business on the ground is "Returning business"! & this is something that will NOT be happening from me! ive complained to the top with the catalogue company i use who use Hermes & they seem Very interested in my points which is more then Carole Woodhead is... Now here is my review i posted some time ago! Thanks for reading if u got this far! :-)

Ive just joined a really decent company who are an online based clothing/household supplied retailer, ive had no issues with them BUT they unfortunately "Cut corners" and use this "Hermes" outfit!
The first item i ordered from this company i use was delivered NOT by a courier but by someone in their own personal car? Now how unprofessional does that look! i thought when they pulled up they wanted directions? So the item i had bought of this online retailer was a garden cutter and it had been already opened & used!!!?? now i doubt it was the retailer more the courier as it was in their hands for a couple of days!
2nd issue i had was that i had paid for "Next day delivery" and the items i bought was picked up by the courier at 10am on the Saturday due to be delivered that day! and as they (Hermes) work until 20:00pm (8 Oclock) and the fact i had paid that that day delivery i was certain to get my things...Tick tock tick tock! what made things worse is i had taken time off work as i was assured they would arrive on the saturday so it cost me £75 for that days work i lost and they was NOT delivered! trying to contact Hermes is a nightmare! its worth pointing out in this review one of my friends ordered a wooden book case which was flatpacked from another online company for his parents who are in their 80's & as it took them more then the 15 seconds to get to the door the delivery driver (Polish guy) just threw the box over the back gate which is a 6 foot gate & when my friend opened it the wood had been smashed! it was no good? so he had to send it back....
My BIG question is this: Where is the whistle blowers from these online companies who hire these monkeys "Hermes" and why isnt any of the directors who work for Hermes doing online reviews and seeing what the company is operating like..???

Seems to me WATCHDOG should be contacted!

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