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Straight Forward Forwarding

Very easy to use and te fact that paying with paypal is easy really helps with ebay sales.
Not the cheapest but easily the easiest.


Comet are happy to leave you without TV for a week

My Sagecom freesat box packed up so I took it back to Comet on a Tuesday they told me I had to ring the Sagecom service people from home and they would do a diagnosis and arrange a courier if a repair/replacement was needed. I rang them and the bloke asked me what was wrong I told him it didn't power up and just had standby/On lights flashing together. He asked me what the display showed so I repeated the fact that it wouldn't power up and just flashed the two lights. This pointless conversation went on a little longer when the guy got the fact that it wouldn't power up!
He then told me to try a different power lead! presumably the one from my Kettle or camcorder or perhaps I could make one up if he sent the specifications!!! He then suggested I go back to Comet to see if they had a spare lead to try. I suppose he thought they would have one just hanging about!! It was at this point that he informed me that the Sagecom warranty on peripherals was only three months! That's right, the power lead the remote the HDMI lead were all classed as peripherals!!.
So I went back to Comet and at this point the lady took action and rang them faxed them proof of purchase and all seemed to be going well. On the Thursday I rang the Sagecom service people to see where my replacement box was and the nice chap informed me that they had only that day received my proof of purchase and it would now take 5-7 days for the courier to get to me cos the replacement was coming from France!!!!!!!
Are Comet actually serious about not taking any responsibility for the products they sell.Apart from the lady at the service desk who did all she could to help Comet have left me HIGH & DRY.
I am stuck without Tv and we are fast running out of old DVDs and VHS to watch.
Our internet is slow and we can't watch live TV cos the constant buffering makes me scream which really annoys the missus.
Don't buy Sagecom and deffo don't buy from Comet. From now on I will only buy from John Lewis.

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