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Good value but ruined by inefficiency and ineptitude

I bought a number of items in the sale, including chairs and a bistro table. The chairs arrived, scratched due to inadequate packing, and without the other items. The driver told me they might be coming from another warehouse - I waited but no joy. I e-mailed the company but no unanswer. I rang and spoke to someone who told me that the other items had been accidentally left in the warehouse but would be arriving the next day. They did not, or the day after that. I e-mailed again, twice, but these e-mails were also ignored. I rang again and asked to speak to a manager - I had to hold on for ages but she finally came on the line. She hadn't been told what the problem was so I had to rehearse the sorry saga yet again. She said she would phone me back within the hour, which she did, to inform me that my items had been lost and the table I wanted was no longer available. She offered to substitute a different table which she said was a more expensive one although in fact it was cheaper (the prices of these items change constantly anyway) but in desperation I agreed. The next thing I knew I received an invoice charging me for the items that had not been delivered despite the fact I'd already paid for them. I e-mailed yet again to explain - an exasperated rant which was not answered for several days - in meantime I got an automated request for a review so I provided an honest one which, I notice, has NOT been posted by the company. I also got an automated e-mail that must have picked up on the word "appalling" asking me to contact a named person with any problems, which I did but - you guessed it - got no answer! I've since been told that I haven't paid twice, it's just that their system has to generate a new invoice - apparently no-one thinks it's necessary to tell the person who's paying the bill! More trouble than it was worth on this occasion, although the items are good value, so it's a shame.

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