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Company ok - but BPost leaves a sour taste in my mouth

This is the second product I purchased from Pixmania and most likely the last. The company themselves seem to be ok, but it's their choice of how they deliver the products which is causing me to think twice.

First purchase - said it was delivered on BPost's website - when I arrived home expecting the package to be there, it wasn't. There was no card in the door to tell me they were there and I checked around the front of my property to see if it was there - nothing. So I feared that it was stolen (as every competent courier I ever dealt with would leave a card). I emailed both Pixmania and BPost. BPost emailed me back to say they gave the package to another address as I wasnt home (thanks for letting me know!). They then gave me the address details - but the street wasn't my street - it was some random street somewhere. The number of the address was 25 (across the road) so I just assume it was that house- and it was. So thanks for all the f'n stress when all that was needed was a f'n card to tell me what you did!

Second purchase - I tracked it on BPost's website again - it said '14-08-2012 17:40:00 - Parcel sorted at sorting center' and then the next entry was '15-08-2012 02:18:00 - Attempt delivery failed - Item put physically in warehouse'. I was home from 17:00 so unless they tried to deliver it during the night then I cant see how they can say the Delivery Attempt failed.

So Pixmania - you have lost a customer. Not because of your company but because of BPost. It's just not worth the stress buying from your Pixmania..

16 August 2012

Reply from www.pixmania.co.uk

Thank you for your review. I am sorry that you have had problems with our delivery service.
I have been receiving a lot of concerned emails relating to the bpost
tracking which states as in your case:

15-08-2012 02:18:00 - Attempt delivery failed - Item put physically in warehouse

When the parcel is handed over to YODEL, the tracking on the BPOST
Site is stating this, when in fact it should be that it has been
passed or delivered to the Depot.

The new tracking for your parcel can be found by logging onto your bpost tracking under “Local barcode”: 8FBV00322101A056 (example only)

Please do not hesitate to contact me on rachel@pixmania.com with your CCL number if you wish for me to send the new number directly and also to check the number to our customer care number.

Best regards,
Pixmania Mediator

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