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Terrible Support

Can never get hold of anyone on the phone!
Being trying the whole day! No email for 3 days!


Shocking & liars

Over the last few years, both my partner and I have had multiple issues with them.
We've never received our first delivery. When I call they say no one was in, yet I work from home. Drivers are lairs and cheats!

Unfortunately, too many companies use them like MBNA and HSBC so we can't get away from them.

They even once claimed that they tried to deliver to my partners office and reception told them that nobody by that name worked there. Again, complete lies as reception were told to expect a delivery. Drivers too lazy to actually do their job.

I've had very bad service in the past from other companies, but The Dx, are the golden medal winners for 2012, 2011 and 2010 for me!

The organisation should be closed down and other companies should stop using them. I'll start a petition to all the companies I know that use them, asking them to find another provider.
Please all post the name of any companies that you know of that use The Dx / Secure Mail Services. Add as a comment, thanks.

UPDATE: Here is the link to my petition. Please sign it and share it...

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Pet Supermarket

Poor customer service

No delivery after 2 weeks.
Can't get through to Customer Service on phone.

Emailed and promised 48 hour delivery, didn't happen.
Still can't get hold of.

On hold for ages, then rings, then goes to voicemail saying office is closed only open 9-5pm (yet its 3pm) asked to leave a message and then the mailbox is full! Seriously!

Just terrible!!


Scammers - be careful

I ordered a bed and memory foam mattress for next day delivery. I called and they confirmed everthing was in stock. However got a call the next day saying the bed was now out of stock. I told them to cancel the order. They however still delivered the mattress the next day. I then called them and they refused to take back the mattress and refund my money. They have lied and said I never cancelled the order. But if this was the case, why did they not deliver the bed when it was in stock, instead the refunded because I cancelled. They will do anything to cheat you out of your money. Go elsewhere and pay a little more, but at least you won't get scammed and you'll get great service.

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