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GO Mammoth

Other netball leagues with better customer service availble in London!

I’ve been playing in netball leagues across London for over 5 years now and Go Mammoth are not the first league in London but have got very big very quickly; the problem with this is they have forgotten they are providing a service to the social players and my personal experience with them has been disappointing. Don’t get me wrong they do have someone who will get back to you if you have any problems but I felt like when they do they are not willing to help and talk very condescendingly back to you!
Problems I encountered included over subscribing members to my team, not ensuring a team they put together composes of a cross mix of members willing to play all the positions on the court, asking me to fill in for members of other teams only to turn up and not be needed and an ability to compromise (unlike many other London leagues) when issues relating to new piercings were raised.
If you are looking for a netball league I would recommend going with one of the smaller long running companies such as Topcorner, Netbusters, Social Netball, etc. I have had too many problems with Go Mammoth to continue with their leagues and suggest you consider the other netball leagues before you commit to one of their leagues too.

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