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Every company could learn a thing or two from Bespoke By Spike!!

Nothing but praise for this small business, Amanda Dawson is an absolute delight! Polite, friendly and accommodating.

Wonderful products reasonably priced, and consistently good customer service- what more could a customer ask for??


Maisie Rainbows Emporium WILL SCAM YOU!!!!

On February 17th 2013 I purchased from Maisie Rainbows Emporium (www.maisierainbows.co.uk), a children's special occasion dress, size 2-3 years and intended as a gift.

Some time later I received what I thought was the dress that I had ordered only to discover that it was in fact a dress to fit a child of 18-24 months.

No problem I thought, nothing that a quick email to the establishment cannot fix, but I was wrong!

I sent an email the same day that I took possession of the dress, alas this went without reply, as did numerous applications of the same sent thereafter.

Saturday February 23rd I called Maisie Rainbows Emporium and conversed with a Ms. Tracey Thomas.

When asked why my many written submissions had been ignored, Thomas claimed an "Error had caused the underscore in my email address to display as a dot."

I explained that the goods I had received were incorrect, and Thomas proceeded to purport that the dress in question was in fact size 2-3 years but "Had the wrong label sewn in it", only confessing that the wrong size had in fact been sent and agreeing a replacement when I confirmed that the garment had in fact been tried on a child of age and did not fit.

I returned in good faith the item that was not fit for purpose upon the date of February 25th 2013, and retained proof of said return.

I received neither a dress nor a refund.

March 19th I braced myself and called Maisie Rainbows Emporium, again reaching Ms. Tracey Thomas.

When asked why I had not received the goods for which I had paid, Thomas immediately became aggressive and abusive claiming that she had never agreed to send the correct goods, I had in fact ordered the dress to fit a child of 18-24 months and she had not received any of my communications because they "Must have been bouncing back to me."

I reminded Ms. Thomas that I had in my possession documentation to disprove her claims- Thomas began accusing me of failing to return the dress, and I advised that I had retained proof of the return.

Thomas demanded that I forward a copy to her mobile phone via picture message- I obliged however, the receipt, having been folded in a coat pocket, would only lay flat upon a surface if I placed my hand upon it, thus obscuring the details.
I offered Thomas a copy of the same via post, but she refused.

Tracey Thomas began laughing and yelling "I am going to say I didn't get the dress back, and there's nothing you can do about it."

Having exhausted all options with this morally absent merchant, I had no option but to instigate fraud proceedings with my bank who, after viewing the evidence that I have to substantiate my claim, granted me a full refund.

Investigations are ongoing.

May 18th I published a review of my dealings with Tracey Thomas and Maisie Rainbows Emporium online.

By May 21st Tracey Thomas had responded with a libellous post in which she branded me a "Thief"- how can one thieve goods for which they have paid??!! and at 11pm that evening, began seeking me as recipient of threatening and abusive text messages.



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Disgruntled First Time Customer Of www.cachetkids.co.uk

On or about November 23rd 2011 I purchased from this establishment two beautiful dresses, intended as Christmas gifts.

Upon arrival I noticed that unfortunately the dresses were defected in so far as parts of the fine detailing appeared missing upon one of the dresses, and the zipper faulty upon the other.

Via the internal system, I contacted the company in this regard. Received a confirmation email wherein it was advised that my enquiry would be dealt with within three days.

Three days passed and I had heard absolutely nothing. A second, third and fourth application of the same followed thereafter, alas all went without reply.
Resultant of which, I addressed a written submission for the attention of director Mrs. Helena Wong, copies of which were mailed to the Middlesex store location, and the head office address provided.

Utterly embarrassed, and with a response from Cachet Kids noted by absence, I had no choice but to go ahead and give both the dresses as Christmas gifts as intended.

The dresses really are beautiful-it is a shame that the standard of customer service and or care simply does not match up!!

Defected merchandise
Ignoring customers

Must do better Cachet Kids!!
A firm is only as good as those who work within it- customer care really is key, and behaviour such as this is simply unacceptable.


Do Business With La Redoute At Your Peril!!!!

In early December 2011 I purchased from this establishment one double sized purple clover flannel bedding set intended as a Christmas gift for my sister.

After proceeding through the checkout process I was informed that while the duvet cover and one pillowcase were en route, the remaining three pillowcases and the fitted sheet required to complete the set were out of stock and would remain so until early January 2012.

I gifted the bedding set to my sister on Christmas day as intended, telling her as I had been told that the items outstanding were set to arrive in January.

January commenced and I purused the website expecting to see a despatch notice, instead I learned that the delivery date had in fact now been pushed back to February.
At this point, having already given the bedding set to my sister, I felt that I really had no choice but to wait it out.

February came and went yet those attached to La Redoute remained silent and I had yet to receive the desired items.

March 2012 now, and to my absolute delight the three purple clover flannel pillowcases arrived to complete at least this part of the set, and were subsequently given straight to my sister.

I rather foolishly thought that given this new development, the required fitted sheet would soon follow at which point I would no longer have to do business with this thoroughly sub-standard firm- How wrong I was!

April came and neared its end, and having heard still nothing from the ever evasive La Redoute I began to pen emails to the customer services department enquiring as to the whereabouts of this long overdue order.
The first submission went without reply, hence a second application of the same followed the next week, and a third approximately one week after that.

Following the elapse of quite some time I was finally sought as recipient of an anonymous email wherein it was purported that the purple clover fitted sheet now required to complete my sister's set had, "Due to popular demmand" been discontinued.

No apology was made, nor was any resolution offered.

Having waited five months, and feeling that this situation was totally unacceptable, I wrote to head of customer care one Ms. Liz Roberts who in turn ignored each and every one of my written submissions.

At this point it should be noted that I did business with this firm following a recommendation from my mother, and as such had utilised her account to order.
Whilst those affiliated to La Redoute had been only too happy to take payment from me, when it came to an issue of poor service, they were only able to converse with my mother, indeed, she began to receive a number of unsolicited telephone calls supposedly engineered at resolution.

As a result of my own independent research I had, at this point, discovered that one Mr. Michael Truluck held the position of Redcats UK Managing Director. (Redcats is the company responsible for founding La Redoute.)

I sent this man a letter detailing the abysmal experiences that I had had with his firm. In it I requested that he authorise despatch of a gratis bedding set in order to make my sister whole and finally ensure that she had in her possession, a bedding set that was fit for purpose, and one hundred pounds compensation to reflect the time and effort I have been forced to expend in seeking a just outcome to this complaint.

Though Mr. Truluck possessed not the courtesy to acknowledge or respond to my letters I did, some time later, receive correspondence authored by Centre Operations Manager one Mr. Andrew Farnell later backed via Company Secretary and Solicitor one Mr. Craig Roberts wherein a credit of fifty pounds to my mother's account was proposed.

Not only is this offer derisory, it is also conditional. In order to take advantage I must do further business with the firm which I am just not prepared to do under the circumstances!

As of today's date my sister does not have a complete bedding set which is fit for purpose, and I have wasted my time and energy attempting to reason with a company that refuses to recognise the value of customer service.

Please help me send a loud and clear message to La Redoute officials- boycot this firm and spread the word by posting your own reviews here and over at www.blagger.com.


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First time customer, would definitely return.

First visit to Tooled-Up.com, I purchased a Draper split leather double tool pouch intended as part of a birthday gift.

Great price, speedy delivery, and fair packing and handling charges, what more could one ask for?

I stumbled across this site as a result of a Google search, and I must say it turned out to be a great little find.

The recipient was thrilled with his tool pouch- well done Tooled-Up.com!

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