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Hit or Miss with D-A-P, Miss in this case

Ive dealt with third party agents (e2save mainly) before when getting a phone contract and had no problem whatsoever. Just remember to be on the ball with everything - paperwork, phone calls, billing, direct debits and cashbacks. Ive seen many 4/5 star reviews and I assume that those people got exactly what they wanted - it was the same for me with e2save: I saw many 1/2 star ratings, but because I had no problem with them, it was OK.

However, you really get to know what a company is like when things go wrong. In my case I got the phone quickly but the SIM is not activating (I suspect its a credit issue with Orange - DAP checks access but Orange has a different method, ideally they should only despatch when you pass the phone operator's credit check). So I guess I'm going to be out of pocket as *the customer* has to send back the phone (because they only get the kickback from Orange when the SIM activates), and, write off any accessories that I bought . The way they go about this is pretty heavy handed too: e-mails telling you that if you don't send the phone they assume you want to buy for an overinflated price (around 150% the usual price). While not totally DAP's fault, this does highlight a weakness in their system (If you Google it, you'll find many similar cases).

Did I forget to mention DAP's aftercare? They avoid you like the plague, the phone system is like a maze where they *try* not to contact you and online responses take 2+ days with a simple "Have a nice day" to let you know you're done so you have to start all over if your issue is not resolved.

Many of these companies have ratings to the extreme, and I think it's because when things go right the prices are great and you don't have to deal with them at all, but if things go wrong, boy, you better be ready for a full on migraine.

TLDR: The prices are so low that if you have a masochistic streak you should take the risk. But encounter problems and you are probably screwed.


Does what it says

Ordered two 4-pole adapter/cables. Was sent very quickly and worked as expected

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