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be very careful

We have used pet shop bowl on several occasions with sucess whilst we could purchase goods via google checkout which for some reason no longer seems possible. We then ordered direct via the web site, then the problems began. We tried to login to place our re order but despite our password being correct the site would not let us login. So, we requested a new password, two days later still nothing so emailed company who said ring and they would do it, bit daft as it is meant to be a private password so if someone else does it then they know it!!!!. Anyway two weeks later we tried again and this time we got a password reset through in about half hour. Placed our order for two bags of wagg senior, excellent food at a good cost.
We then recieved an email from YODEL saying our parcel had been delivered and left in a safe place, funny that as we had been in all day and not seen a yodel van at all. We contacted yodel who didn't want to do anything about it and told us to contact petshopbowl, the email from yodel arrived at 1925 pm saying our delivery had been delivered at 0915am......not much we can do about it at this time of night despite trying to contact petshopbowl and getting no anwser, which by coincidence is not the first time we have had difficulty getting them to answer a phone. Anyway, to try and round the story up a little quicker, at 2140 we thought we would go on the hunt and see if we could find our dog food. walked around the estate and found it dumped on somebody elses doorstep in full view of the road, we knocked on the door explained the situation and the lady was quite happy for us to take the food, even though we have now got to carry 30kgs food about third of a mile. Apparently she heard the door, went to answer and saw the driver rushing off in his van. The postage label was clear on the packaging but at the bottom of the package so when the lady had looked it was to heavy for her to move to read it so she assumed the couriers would recognise their error and return to collect it.
I did review this on petshopbowls own website but funny enough it never seemed to pass the moderator so I am putting it out on an independant review site so people can get get a true picture, not just the happy were such a great company reviews that seem to be on their site. I doubt we will use them again, whilst their prices are good it's a bit of pot luck if you actually get the product delivered, perhaps they need to change their couriers, i would rather sign for something and if I am not in then I will get it from the local depot, rather this than stuff just being dumped at someones front door. Sadly, on also looking at reviews for YODEL this seems to be a common occurance, won't even go into detail about the LCD tv propped against a front door in the rain........

Merlin Cycles Ltd

trustworthy and prompt delivery

sometimes when your shopping on the net you come across a site you have not visited before, then you wonder if it is genuine or some sort of a con, well these guys really do exist so there was no need for me to worry about it. I ordered some campagnolo brake/gear shifters and some easton bars, paid the money and within 24 hours was stripping my bike to fit the new goodies.

I would certainly use Merlin again, i found the service to be as good as other trusted internet retailers, ie amazon etc.

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